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Iliya Valchanov
CEO | Team-GPT

Team-GPT’s platform and proprietary methodology, developed by acclaimed AI educator Iliya Valchanov, distills his experience of teaching over 1.2 million students into an accessible format. It’s more than an introduction to AI, it’s a comprehensive toolkit to harness this powerful technology.

The Team-GPT Learning Methodology

Step 1

Empowering Individuals and Teams with the Power of AI

Access a treasure trove of practical teaching and learning materials in our innovative workspace. Discover prompt templates, best practices, comprehensive online courses, and insightful written content, seamlessly enabling individual learners or team leaders to delve into the world of AI.

Step 2

Customizing Your Collaborative Workspace

Take the insights gained from Level 1 and shape them into a collaborative workspace tailored to your team’s needs. Adapt our vast resources, establish an organizational structure with folders and subfolders, and populate them with pre-made chats, prompt templates, and shining examples. You craft the learning environment that best fits your use case.

Step 3

Empowering Individuals and Teams with the Power of AI

Finally, share this dynamic workspace with your team or organization. Team-GPT is more than just a space for learning, it becomes a part of your daily workflow with its collaborative features, intuitive user interface, and direct access to Large Language Models (LLMs). Keep track of team progress with our usage and adoption statistics, and ensure your team not only learns AI but adopts and excels with it.

Specialized online courses

ChatGPT for Work: The Interactive Course

Coming soon

How to teach ChatGPT to professionals

Knowledge is tailored to your unique use case

Learning through continued practice and collaboration

Knowledge is shared across the organization

Traditional learning

online courses, university, books, tutorials


Knowledge is general, not domain specific

Knowledge is tailored to your unique use case

Mostly theory, little practice

Learning through continued practice and collaboration

Knowledge is limited to individual contributors

Knowledge is shared across the organization

It's a thing of the past

What do you get with

Explore our wealth of teaching materials, including prompt templates, best practices, online courses, and written content, all designed to accelerate your understanding of AI.
Measure progress and success with our comprehensive adoption metrics, helping you track learning patterns and adjust strategies accordingly.
Immerse yourself in the world of Large Language Models with direct, hands-on exposure to these powerful AI tools within our platform.
Refine your skills and knowledge with our integrated feedback system, promoting interactive learning and immediate guidance.
Connect, collaborate, and learn together in our dynamic workspace specially designed to foster team learning and engagement.
Jumpstart your AI journey with our turn-key workspace, equipped with all the essential tools and resources you need.
Learn with peace of mind knowing that your data's security and privacy are our top priorities, backed by stringent measures and protocols.
Never feel alone in your journey with our dedicated team, ready to address all your queries and concerns.

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