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10 Best AI Tools for Students & Education in 2024 [Updated in March]

Learn about the 10 best AI tools for education in 2024 to reshape your learning and teaching methods.
10 Best AI Tools for Education

Sci-fi movies have always predicted the era of artificial intelligence taking over all industries. Now, it’s a part of our realities, especially in education.

The education sector is one of those industries with increasing use of AI. 90% of students prefer studying with ChatGPT to a tutor. Teachers aren’t left out, with EdWeek reporting that about 50% use AI to plan their lessons.

But which AI apps are best for students and teachers

This list of the 10 best AI tools in education in 2024 will help you make the right choice—and reshape teaching and learning methods seamlessly. Let’s dig in and see what ai for schools can do.

What Are the Best AI Tools for Students and Education?

#1 Team-GPT

homepage of team-gpt

Team-GPT is an AI education tool that transforms collaboration in education by leveraging OpenAI’s ChatGPT and tapping into the power of the latest AI models like GPT-4. 

While ChatGPT typically limits students and teachers to 1-on-1 conversations with the AI, Team-GPT allows educational teams to collaborate seamlessly. This includes teachers + teachers, teachers + students, and students + students.  

This comprehensive tool facilitates collaboration among classroom teams. An entire group of educators, students, and other stakeholders can all enter the platform and start a group chat with ChatGPT in real time. This goes a long way in creating dynamic and inclusive environments for students and their teachers to:

  • Learn from each other
  • Discover and highlight new concepts 
  • Explore prompting paths collectively 

Advanced AI models like GPT-4 have enhanced language understanding to provide accurate and relevant query responses. Team-GPT takes them further, ensuring that AI meets educational teams’ specific needs and requirements.

in app screenshot of team-gpt

The onboarding process for classes is simple, so teachers and students can quickly join and get to work seamlessly. Teachers are the admins, while the students are the members. This way, teachers can stay on top of the workspace, create lesson plans, and curate the content. Team-GPT’s intuitive and user-friendly interface allows users to rapidly navigate and access the required features. From initiating discussions and sharing resources to working on group projects, everything is easily accessible.

Speaking of resources, Team-GPT also offers robust document management and organization features. Educational teams can store, retrieve, and reference essential conversations and resources. It also lets users create folders and subfolders to categorize chats, making valuable discussions and contributions easily accessible.

Let’s delve deeper into some of Team-GPT’s best features to see why it’s one of the best ai education tools in 2024.

Team-GPT Features

You’d be correct to say Team-GPT transforms classrooms into AI-powered ecosystems. Here’s why:

Facilitating Classroom Discussions and Q&A Sessions 

Team-GPT provides a platform for teachers to engage their students in interactive classroom discussions. Teachers can start conversations and show them to the students. Then together, they can further prompt the AI and find the best prompts, fork conversations to explore different paths, and analyze hallucinations. 

Teachers and students can comment and highlight different parts of the text to help each other understand how ChatGPT works better!

how to use team-gpt for education

Not only can students participate in these discussions verbally, but they can also write to the AI directly. 

People-centric Organization 

Teachers want to view the students’ work. Students want to see the teachers’ chats or, of course, those of other students.

Learning from one another is a useful way to learn new skills. Team-GPT’s collaborative workspace enhances students’ teamwork and group learning. 

Team-GPT is the only tool out there where you can see students’ (or other members’) activity and understand how they use it. 

team-gpt's chat feature

Monitor Student Engagement

team-gpt's adoption report screenshot

The adoption reports feature helps teachers and institutions track which students are active and which are not. Teachers can monitor the engagement levels of students and other teachers, identify those who ‘get it’, and provide support to those finding the technology difficult.

AI-Powered Document Editing with ‘Pages’

Whether you’re designing an exercise or brainstorming a lesson plan, ‘Pages’ allows you to create a separate space for focused work. Each chat response can be edited with a robust AI editor, bringing the power of AI into your everyday teaching practices.

Enhanced Visual Communication with Dall-E 3 and Vision

Translate text into visual art to foster creativity and visual learning among students with Dall-E. Vision further improves your education experience by enabling image analysis within conversations.

Multiple Models Integration

Bring the capabilities of Claude 3, Llama-2, and Mixtral under one roof. This flexibility allows educators to harness the power of diverse AI models, ensuring uninterrupted and impactful teaching experience.

Team-GPT Pricing

You can get access to Team-GPT’s features on four different plans:

  • Free: $0 for up to 2 members per team
  • Pro: $20 per month and covers 3-to-100-member teams
  • Max: $50 per month, including Max Productivity features
  • Enterprise: Get a custom quote (for units with 100+ members)

Are you an educator or an educational institution?

Send us an email at [email protected], and we will be happy to provide a discount!

Team-GPT Pros and Cons


  • LMS-like features: Team-GPT is one of the few platforms that focuses on educators. All of the features are ready for effective interactive learning.
  • Affordable Pricing Plans: Team-GPT offers budget-friendly and affordable pricing plans, making them accessible for educational institutions with limited resources. Students, schools, and universities can leverage the power of AI without straining their budgets.
  • 24/7 Help Desk: This tool provides round-the-clock email and live chat support. This ensures users have access to assistance when they face difficulties or inquiries.
  • Seamless Communication Management: With Team-GPT, students and teachers can communicate without hassle. The tool enables real-time collaboration, allowing users to collaborate on projects, share ideas, and provide or receive real-time feedback.


  • Learning Curve: Users new to AI tools may have a learning curve due to the vast array of AI features available.
  • Web Tool Availability: Team-GPT is only available as a web tool, which may limit accessibility if you prefer offline functionality.

Looking to collaborate in ChatGPT with your team?

Try Team-GPT today for free to collaborate on ChatGPT to boost your learning and teaching. Sign up for free!

#2 Fetchy

homepage of Fetchy

With 50+ productivity tools engineered to help improve educators’ expertise and efficiency, Fetchy is a beneficial AI tool for education. Simplifying the many time-consuming tasks that teachers face, such as crafting engaging lesson plans, this tool lets educators focus on more important matters.

Teachers can improve their methods of time management and make more informed decisions.

Best Features

Fetchy offers users a wide range of teaching tools catering to different aspects of education. These tools help teachers enhance their potential and develop students’ cognitive, affective, psychomotor, and social skills. 

The tool also offers simplified lesson planning for teachers to seamlessly create engaging lesson plans. The custom assessments feature helps measure and monitor student progress and provides instant feedback on each student to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Teachers facing classroom or career roadblocks can use its expert advice and support features to gain actionable insights from seasoned professionals. The content customization feature also allows tutors to create educational content that addresses students’ unique needs, such as enhanced engagement or better understanding.


pricing page of Fetchy

Fetchy only offers one plan, costing $10 per month. A 7-day free trial option is available should you want to test the waters out before committing fully. 

#3 Consensus

homepage of consensus

One of AI’s most significant limitations is that it can sometimes provide false information as responses. This is problematic because the last thing you want to worry about is the off-chance that you’re walking around with inaccurate info.

Consensus is one of the top artificial intelligence tools for education to tackle this issue. In addition to answering any study queries, it cites evidence, such as journal excerpts, to back up its accuracy. This way, you’re confident about the information you receive.

Exporting these answers is hassle-free, and you can share them with others through SMS or social media. 

Let’s check out its best features.

Best Features

With Consensus, you get fast access to scientific and journal research materials. This is a great time-saver, especially for students dealing with literature reviews for dissertations. The tool is also ad-free and provides evidence from factual sources based on relevance.

Another of its best features is its extensive database covering various topics. You can get answers in any field, such as health, tech, finance, etc. 


pricing page of consensus

You can get access to Consensus on three different plans:

  • Free
  • Premium Plan: $9.99 per month
  • Enterprise: Request quote for a custom package

#4 GradeScope

gradescope homepage

Gradescope is school management software that uses AI to help teachers grade assignments or assessments more quickly. It can read both text and mathematical equations, such as fractions. 

With the power of AI, Gradescope makes educators’ work more manageable and can also provide valuable insights into students’ performances.

What are its best features? Let’s find out.

Best Features

Gradescope offers the Assisted Answer Groups feature, which enables teachers to group similar student answers. Teachers are also able to give time extensions to specific students.

The AI-assisted grading feature enables users to automate the grading process for homework, projects, or exams. These features all streamline the workflow and reduce the administrative burden on educators.


pricing page of gradescope

Gradescope is available in two plans: Basic and Institutional. It also has a free version to get users started.

#5 homepage

You don’t get many tools that handle the equally complex worlds of education and sales/ marketing. But does, addressing a common need in sales meetings and classes — taking notes.

Otter is an excellent tool for students (or teachers) who want to summarize classes and take notes in real time. This way, you can transcribe spoken words into written text, making it easier to capture and review important information.

The AI does all this at 160 words per minute, so you can be sure it’ll keep up with even the fastest speakers. Additionally, integrating with other apps and software, like Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams; it’s so seamless; it’s a no-brainer. 

Best Features

One of Otter’s best features is real-time transcription during meetings or classes. The tool automatically transcribes words as people speak, so you can follow along and refer to the notes later. 

This feature is convenient if you face difficulties taking notes or want to document your classes accurately.

Pricing pricing plans

There are four plans available to users:

  • Free (for beginners) 
  • Pro — $16.99/month (for small teams and those who want more minutes)
  • Business — $40/month (for large teams that wish to collaborate and share)
  • Enterprise — custom price (customizable package to meet specific needs)

#6 homepage is an AI suite that provides chatbot AI tools specifically designed for the many needs of universities and colleges. They can help streamline various aspects of the typical university process, from deadlines and enrollment to tuition costs. 

The tool can also help schools plan and set up recruitment campaigns. Ivy’s primary focus is to provide efficient interaction between universities or colleges and their respective students. Its chatbots can also provide information on departments and courses, student loan details, tuition payments, accommodation, and extracurricular activities. 

Best Features

Designed to enhance student communication and improve experiences, boasts a robust range of best features. It offers seamless integration with more than 30 different campus vendors. 

Its pre-trained knowledge base feature sufficiently handles inquiries from students or interested parties by providing answers from school websites. also offers multi-channel communication so institutions can engage with students through email, SMS, and more. The chatbot’s critical insights feature can provide vital data to identify communication problems and suggest improvements.

Finally, it saves schools time and money by reducing call and email volumes and automating support. This tool is a good example of how ai for school works.

Pricing demo page does not have a tiered plan structure. Instead, you can request a demo to see how it meets your needs. 

#7 Querium

querium homepage

Students looking to master STEM skills in preparation for college or as a career path will find Querium a lifesaver.

This AI tool offers a platform with bite-sized lessons that meet every student’s unique and specific learning needs. It uses the StepWise engine, which provides tutoring assistance step-by-step. There is evidence that Querium’s system improves student learning speed, quality, and analysis while improving student outcomes.

Students aren’t the only ones who can benefit from Querium. It can analyze answers and determine how long students take to complete lessons. This helps tutors understand learning habits and figure out ways for improvement.

Best Features

Querium provides personalized lessons for students in bite-sized portions for easier understanding. Along with this, students get step-by-step assistance. Another feature is that it helps increase student engagement by learning unique habits and creating customized plans. 


Querium is mostly free, although some products may require an access fee.

#8 Knowji

knowji homepage

Students may find it challenging to retain information when learning new vocabulary. Knowji ‘knows’ that and aims to solve that problem by creating fun methods for students to digest lessons.

Combining audio and visual (through cartoons), Knowji helps language learners scale through studies faster. It uses a spacing repetition algorithm to track progress on specific words (how much better you’re getting with them) and predict how likely you are to forget what you’ve learned.

Best Features

Some of Knowji’s best features include

  • Multiple learning modes to help students become more familiar with words
  • Customizable and adaptable user interface so students can learn in their own style
  • Images and example sentences to encourage engagement with new words.
  • Data-driven insights to help track progress and identify blind spots. It can also suggest improvements to students’ learning weaknesses.



#9 Carnegie Learning

carnegie learning homepage

Carnegie Learning provides learning solutions for students in the K-12 school system using a combination of machine learning and AI. It offers different software that caters to various education areas such as math, world languages, and literacy.

These software include: 

  • MATHia, developed by Carnegie Mellon University researchers, which makes math fun through games and meaningful play
  • Fast ForWord helps students develop their cognitive skills in reading and language.

Here are some key features:

Best Features:

The platform offers personalized learning plans for each student, meeting every unique need. It can also imitate human tutors, giving the learning process a more emotional feel for increased engagement.

For teachers, Carnegie provides insightful data that helps manage students’ progress.



#10 Plaito

plaito homepage

Plaito is a great edtech tool that uses artificial intelligence to coach students in writing, debating, and teamwork. It does this using suggestions and prompts in one-on-one tutoring sessions. Focusing on each student empowers them with clarity of concepts, confidence, and a better understanding of lessons.

Let’s check out some of Plaito’s best features.

Best Features

The Homework Help tool enables students to take pictures/screenshots of homework problems, upload them, and receive lessons on how to solve them. As mentioned, Plaito offers personalized tutoring using AI and language science. It teaches lessons at the student’s preferred pace.

Other features include an essay writer and summarizer. Its language learning features present lessons in a game-like format, so students learn a new language as they complete new challenges. It also gives out outcome-driven assignments to improve students’ memories and help them learn faster. 

Speaking of languages, the Plaito chatbot responds in about four languages and can converse like an actual person.


pricing page of plaito

You can access Plaito’s features with either a free or paid plan. Plaito operates a coin system and, on the free plan, you can complete tasks/challenges to earn coins. You can then use these coins on prompts on the app. 

The paid plan, on the other hand, gives unrestricted access to all features. It costs $14.99 (monthly) and $199.99 (annual plan).

Get Improved Learning Experiences with Team-GPT

AI tools, like Team-GPT, can improve learning experiences for students. By providing accurate and relevant responses to queries and prompts, Team-GPT assists students in understanding complex concepts, provides digestible explanations, and offers additional resources. 

With its personalized support, students grasp complex topics more effectively. For teachers, Team-GPT can save time, enhance efficiency, support professional development, provide personalized assistance, and offer access to advanced AI capabilities that improve the education system.

Ready for enhanced collaboration, personalized learning, and increased productivity? Try out Team-GPT today and transform your teaching and learning experience!

team-gpt sign up page

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