Edit and delete messages to improve context

Edit and delete messages to create more focused chats. Remove unnecessary context or add new.

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"I've come across various ChatGPT products but this is the first one that actually makes sense. At this price, buying Team-GPT is a no-brainer!"

Why delete messages?

Dectlutter communication

Improve response quality

Enhance team focus

Clutter-free communication

Remove unwanted messages to keep the conversation organized, making it easier for team members to stay on track and work together effectively.

Improved response quality

By deleting irrelevant messages, the conversation context is refined, leading to higher accuracy and relevance in ChatGPT’s responses, improving the overall quality of the conversation.

Enhanced team focus

Eliminating distractions and irrelevant content allows team members to concentrate on what is important, boosting overall productivity and collaboration quality.

Improve your context now and experience:

✅ Clean and organized communication

✅ Improved accuracy of ChatGPT’s responses

✅ Increased team productivity and focus

How it works?

1. Create a completely free account for your team.

2. Add your OpenAI API key.
Don't have one? Get yours here.

3. Collaborate with your team on threads and prompts!



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Up to 2 people


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$20 /team/month

10 users

+ AI usage costs

Save 20% Yearly


Step up

Billed  monthly

$50 /team/month

10 users

+ AI usage costs



Maximise safety and productivity with a robust enterprise-ready plan.

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Frequently asked questions

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Absolutely, Team-GPT is free for up to 2 people. Sign up and try it with a another person to explore all the possibilities for collaboration. The platform is designed to facilitate collaboration for teams of any size.

Team-GPT is built to simplify the complexities of AI. With Team-GPT anyone can become an expert in AI and find value in it. Just send them an invite and Team-GPT will take care of onboarding them with out ChatGPT for Work interactive course. The course is FREE and is integrated into the Team-GPT platform. Thanks to it many non-technical users have discovered the magic of AI collaboration. We also provide an extensive Knowledge Base filled with various resources to help you onboard your whole team into Team-GPT.

No, you don’t need a ChatGPT Plus subscription to use Team-GPT.
Instead, you need to obtain an API key from OpenAI, which you can get here. After connecting your API key to Team-GPT, you can use the system and pay OpenAI for your usage. You’ll be billed at the end of the month based on your actual usage, which can be more cost-effective, especially if you’re collaborating with other people.

You will not be able to use Team-GPT without setting an OpenAI API key.

After signing into Team-GPT, go to the “Set API key” menu. From there, you can enter your API key in the appropriate field and save the changes. This will connect your OpenAI API key to Team-GPT, allowing you to use the platform. 

ChatGPT Plus doesn’t have a team plan. You can only use it individually. As a team owner, you can even pay for your colleagues’ ChatGPT Plus subscription. 

Full Team-GPT vs ChatGPT comparison table.

Team-GPT is a platform that allows you to collaborate with your team using ChatGPT. If you have someone to collaborate with, Team-GPT can help you make better use of ChatGPT.

The models used by Team-GPT are provided by OpenAI’s ChatGPT API. Therefore, all interactions made through Team-GPT are equivalent to those made through the ChatGPT UI available at https://chat.openai.com/.

The value that Team-GPT provides is related to human collaboration. The model output is 100% the same. 

1. Log in with your credentials. Log in.

2. Set your API key (create one here if needed).

3. Invite team members.

4. Start collaborating in Team-GPT.