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We have just launched ChatGPT for Work: The Interactive Course on Product Hunt! The course is completely FREE and we hope it reaches as many people as possible! Check it out 👉

Guaranteed ChatGPT adoption by every employee

Team-GPT — harness the power of AI for your business with peace of mind knowing your data remains fully protected.

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Our UI on your server with any model

Collaborative UI for your AI

Team-GPT enables seamless group chats with ChatGPT, allowing multiple members to collaborate, organize chats in folders, and share knowledge.

Enhance your team’s AI skills with prompt templates and learning resources. Unleash your team’s full potential with the most comprehensive AI solution.

Folders and Subfolders in ChatGPT

Conversation Forking
Organization &
Customization & Learning
Learning &

Your data is safe on your Private Cloud

Enjoy all the benefits of Team-GPT on your own private cloud. Choose between any cloud provider: Vercel, AWS, Azure, GCP, and more. 

Have full flexibility and control over your sensitive data, reinforcing your commitment to privacy and protection.

Choose your LLM fighter(s)

Team-GPT is model agnostic. Our platform supports a range of LLMs including GPT-4, Google Bard, Anthropic, as well as Custom LLMs. 

This empowers you to choose the model that best aligns with your business needs, ensuring an AI experience that is tailored to your unique requirements.