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Edit with AI in Team-GPT

Unifying your work mode with Pages

Pages fuses chat functionality and document editing with the strength of GPT models. Refine, summarize, and finalize text received through chat and transform your raw ideas into well-crafted documents.

edit with AI in Team-GPT

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In Team-GPT

edit with AI

AI as your editor-in-chief

Refine your content paragraph by paragraph with AI-powered editing

editing docs in Team-GPT

Just like in docs

Shape your content, share it, and collaborate with your whole team


Transform brainstorming into polished, ready-to-publish content. Use Edit with AI to craft email campaigns, write blog articles, and develop campaign briefs.


Experiment with the formatting of your lesson plans and turn each guide and exercise into a student-friendly educational material.


Edit and restructure your project briefs, feedback, and product requirements materials. Improve your language for better communication with your team.

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Frequently asked questions

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Pages stands out from traditional tools by uniting AI conversations and document creation. Despite from the ability to move text around, change colors, and formatting options, Paragraph-by-paragraph editing helps you easily make changes to your content with the help of AI. Instead of switching between different tools, everyone can start crafting a document directly from their chats, making the workflow much smoother. Users can also start a chat from an already started conversation and consider the Page’s context in the chat. Try Pages and Edit with AI and boost your productivity with AI-powered text editing.

Everyone has the flexibility to share Pages with the whole team or keep them private. Additionally, users can set a Page to ‘view-only’, preventing any edits, to maintain your original content.

As long as a Page is shared in the workspace, all members can simultaneously access and edit it.

Upon the completion of a Page, users have the option to save it in their workspace, download it, or send it via a shared link. Soon, you will be able to export Pages directly to WordPress, along with other software platforms.