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Team-GPT enables educators to create interactive courses, templates, books, tutorials, and other educational materials in minutes with ease.

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Team-GPT supports
over 5,000 instructors

in making knowledge accessible and interactive for every student

Use AI to tailor knowledge for unique use cases and enable students to learn through practice and collaboration.
Interactive courses

Develop interactive lessons that stand out

Team-GPT aids educators in designing courses that match and adapt to the needs of every student’s learning pace and style.
Collaborative learning

Make collaborative learning 10x better

Let students connect, collaborate, and learn together in one dynamic space specially designed to foster class learning and engagement.
Lesson plans

Build lesson plans, tests, examples in minutes

Align students’ expectations by consistently providing them with fresh and improved materials from the curriculum.

Fine-tune every lesson with Edit with AI

Use AI as your chief assistant to help refine lessons, add graphs to interactive courses, replace misunderstood questions on exams, and edit documents paragraph by paragraph.
Scan and digitize

Convert physical assets into editable docs

Use the capabilities of GPT-4 Vision to digitize all physical media, converting them into editable and accessible digital formats that accelerate educational processes.
Multiple languages

Level the playing field for non-English students

Misunderstanding details in English can place students at a significant disadvantage in the academic world, impacting opportunities, learning, and grades.


Privacy-centric education

Teach with peace of mind knowing that your data’s security and privacy are our top priorities, backed by stringent measures and protocols.

Explore Team-GPT for Enterprise

Are you helping others adopt GPT models?

Led by our CEO Iliya, an acclaimed educator to over 1.3 million students in data science and machine learning, “ChatGPT for Work” is a free interactive course, integrated inside Team-GPT, delivering a seamless learning experience to accelerate adoption.

The course will equip you with a deep understanding of GPT models, fundamental skills on how to talk to the AI, along with hands-on experience through relevant examples.

Just an hour spent on the course content will put you ahead of 99.9% of the population in using ChatGPT.
Iliya Valchanov,
  • 100+ tried and tested prompts
  • 100+ exercises
  • 100+ extra notes and comments
  • Thousands of use cases
  • Handy PDFs with most useful prompts and techniques

Loved by 7,000+ educators already

Team-GPT makes a difference by delivering high-quality software and inspiring success stories every day. Try it yourself!

Try out different AI models

Choose any AI model you prefer without worry; Team-GPT offers model-agnostic flexibility that you won’t find in ChatGPT for Teams, Google Gemini, or Microsoft Copilot.

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Switching from ChatGPT is easy

Just continue your chats in Team-GPT

Import your ChatGPT history directly into Team-GPT in seconds.
Share your knowledge with your team and build up on your chats together.

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Frequently asked questions

You have the ability to create multiple workspaces: one for exchanging ideas with colleagues, another for teaching collaborative classes with students, and yet another for conducting research or working on homework. Additionally, you can add folders to enhance the structure. This setup ensures that topics remain distinct and organized.

AYes, our platform provides online courses, written guides, and professional development sessions designed to help educators harness the full potential of AI in their teaching practices. Visit our Learning Resources for more information.

Our innovative platTeam-GPT adheres to all GDPR compliance standards. Check out our Enterprise solution where you can choose between on premise deployment or any cloud provider: Vercel, AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.form is designed to cater to a diverse array of preferences, supporting a range of LLMs including GPT-4, Google Bard, Anthropic, as well as Custom LLMs. 

AI can tailor educational experiences to individual student needs, provide instant feedback, and allow for more engaging, interactive learning environments that can significantly enhance student understanding and retention of material.

Best practices include using AI for personalized learning experiences, ensuring content accuracy, supplementing AI tools with human oversight, and fostering an environment of critical thinking and digital literacy.