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Best 12 AI Courses in 2024 [In-Depth Review]

In this article, I talk about the best AI courses and what they cover to help you to choose the best course.
Best 12 AI Courses

To get a new job or keep your current one, learning about artificial intelligence is a must. You should know what AI is and how to use it in your day-to-day operations to improve your work.

So, how do you learn about AI? 

Simple – educate yourself about it with courses.

In this article, I talk about the best AI courses and what they cover.

What are the Top AI Courses?

Automation and AI are transforming all industries. Companies and businesses worldwide are now integrating AI with their product to make them more efficient and advanced.

Enrolling in a course to understand AI can give you a competitive edge in the market, irrespective of your field.

In the next few sections, I will discuss the top artificial intelligence courses for:

  • ChatGPT enthusiasts
  • Product managers
  • Coders
  • Marketers

Best AI Courses for ChatGPT Enthusiasts 

ChatGPT is based on one of the most advanced language models available. Learning about it gives you insights into the capabilities and limitations of cutting-edge AI.

More importantly, ChatGPT can help you with anything, no matter your industry. You can generate content, automate customer support, take help with coding, and more.

So here are some courses you might want to take to know ChatGPT comprehensively. 👇

#1. ChatGPT for Work: The Interactive Course by Team-GPT

ChatGPT for Work is the only interactive course available in the market today.

What do I mean by interactive? 

➡️ When doing the course, you will be interacting with ChatGPT 90% of the time.

My main job as an instructor will be to show you the best practices and provide exercises.

A little about me. 👇

My name is Iliya, and I teach AI to 1.2M+ people online. I am one of the very few course creators in the world who can say this.

What is the Course About?

In the ‘ChatGPT for Work’ course, I teach you how AI can speed up your work, free up time for friends and family, and open a world of possibilities you never thought existed.

I guarantee that just 1 hour into the course, you will be better at using ChatGPT than 99.9% of the population.

The best part? I’m not selling this. This course is FREE on YouTube, or you can just visit the course page on Team-GPT’s website

Why is it free?

I think basic ChatGPT knowledge should be available to everyone.

What Does the Course Cover?

The course has 17 short and to-the-point videos. 

It starts by teaching you what I call ‘The bare minimum’ of ChatGPT. It’s a compilation of the most important facts about ChatGPT that everyone should know.

Once you know the bare minimum, we will set up the software. You can take this course in ChatGPT, Team-GPT, Google Bard, or any other chat interface.

And then, we will get started with the most crucial part: Chatting with GPT models.

In this section, most videos will be 2-3 minutes long, while the whole course will be no more than an hour.

Here are some of the topics that the course will cover:

  • 10 things you need to know about ChatGPT
  • GPT-3 vs. GPT-4
  • How to write a prompt: Goal and Context
  • Personas, characters, and roles
  • Prompting methodology

My aim with this course is to teach you the ChatGPT adoption methodology that so many people fail to understand.

Course price: It’s a free artificial intelligence course.

❗ Spoiler alert: Just using ChatGPT as a bot and asking it to answer your questions one by one isn’t the right approach. Treat it as a part of your team.

#2. Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT – Coursera

Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT is taught by Dr. Jules White – Director of Vanderbilt’s Initiative on the Future of Learning & Generative AI.

The course has three main parts: Introduction to prompts, prompt patterns, and prompting examples.

It’s a free course that teaches you:

  • How to apply prompt engineering to work with large language models like ChatGPT.
  • How to leverage prompt patterns.
  • How to create prompts to solve real-life problems in your business or education career.

My 2 cents: The course is a great learning source for those who know the basic functioning of ChatGPT but not a comprehensive one to know everything about AI.

#3. ChatGPT4 Complete Guide: Learn Midjourney, ChatGPT 4 & More by Udemy 

This course by Udemy is for more advanced ChatGPT users who already know how to write basic prompts and have an active subscription to ChatGPT Plus.

Here are some main topics the course covers:

  • Prompt engineering: Creating prompts to generate AI content, brainstorm ideas, and learn how to have long conversations with ChatGPT.
  • Content generation: How to create content for social media, copywriting, SEO, and video scripts.
  • ChatGPT Plus variations: Learn how to use ChatGPT plugins, write prompts to browse with Bing, and use Dall-E 2 for generating AI images.
  • AI voice: Learn how to turn written scripts into audio, clone your voice, and leverage AI filters to fix your voice.
  • AI photo: Learn how to make your photos speak, use AI to edit like Photoshop, add movement to your photos, and instantly remove watermarks.

Course price: $64.99.

My 2 cents: If you’re looking to get into the AI sector and want to explore some career options, this course is for you.

Best AI Courses for Product Managers

For product managers, understanding AI isn’t just a nice-to-have skill; it’s a must-have.

PMs have to talk to engineers and data scientists all the time; AI could help them catch up on the technical jargon their team bombards on them.

More importantly, understanding AI helps PMs create products that leverage AI technology effectively. This ensures that you’re not just adding AI as a “buzzword” but actually using it to solve real problems.

What’s more, doing a course on AI can provide PMs with a framework to evaluate the feasibility and implications of incorporating AI into a product, including ethical considerations.

So, let’s look at the top 3 courses a PM can enroll in. 👇

#1. Become a 10x Product Manager with ChatGPT & Generative AI by Udemy

This course educates you about AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard and how to use them for product management. The course has 2.5 hours of on-demand videos, two articles, and a certificate of completion.

Here’s how it can make you a better product manager:

  • Product strategy: Using AI for different product strategy techniques like feature parity, customer study, user personas, value proposition, etc.
  • Product execution: Learn how to use AI for crafting product requirements documentation, release notes, sprint planning, automating test cases, and more.
  • Product experience: The course teaches you how to leverage AI to improve CX and how to do post-sale customer study.
  • Product growth: Analyze growth with AI and leverage it for go-to-market strategy creation.

Course price: $19.99.

My 2 cents: The course isn’t popular, but if you want solid, actionable prompts that help you streamline product management, the course can be a great starting point.

#2. AI Product Manager by Udacity

The AI Product Manager Nanodegree program starts by teaching you the basics of AI and machine learning. Later in the course, you will understand how to create a high-quality dataset, design annotation instructions, and more.

Let’s look at all its modules in detail:

  • Introduction to AI: Covers the basics of AI and ML and where they are used in the industry.
  • Creating a dataset: Learn how data can affect the performance of a machine learning model and teach you how to create a dataset from scratch.
  • Build a model: Learn how to use AI and build different business models.
  • Measuring impact and updating models: Revels the best practices for measuring model success, strategies for mitigating unwanted bias in a model, scaling an AI product to be available to a large audience, and more.
  • Bonus – Career services: Learn how to improve your LinkedIn profile as a product manager to find your next job as an AI product manager.

Course price: You must subscribe to Udacity to enroll in the course. Pay $249 per month or $2,390 per year

My 2 cents: The course is a great asset for experienced product managers looking for their next big challenge. But remember, the course is huge; you must at least have 2 to 3 months to educate yourself about AI.

#3. AI Powered Product Management by ADPList

The course is a live session and provides comprehensive insights into using AI in product management. From product development to enhancing user experience, the course teaches you everything.

It’s divided into three sessions:

  • Intro to AI-powered product management and AI tools: Lean how to leverage AI in decision-making, analytics, and automation.
  • Grow your business from x to 10x using AI: See real-world examples of AI’s transformative impact on business.
  • Demo day and intro to AI product management: Apply your knowledge to develop an AI-driven product and ask all your doubts in a live Zoom call.

Course price: $29.

My 2 cents: At $29, the course is quite affordable. Plus, you get mentorship sessions, a certificate of completion, and access to a private Slack community. It’s a short course, but I think it’s worth trying.

Best AI Courses for Coders

Learning AI can significantly expand a coder’s skill set and open doors to new opportunities. When solving problems via coding, AI algorithms often approach them in ways that traditional coding doesn’t. 

Also, the tech world evolves rapidly. New concepts come up almost daily. To stay relevant, you must keep learning, and AI is one of the most in-demand skills right now.

Simply put, developers who know AI tend to command higher salaries. If you want to level up your earning potential, get started by doing courses on AI and practicing the concepts in the real world.

#1. AI in Coding & Data Science: Master ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot by Udemy

The course created by Pragati Kunwer helps you understand the potential of AI-assisted coding and how it can enhance your productivity as a developer. It has 2.5 hours of on-demand video tutorials, assignments, and a certificate of completion.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to set up the stage for AI-assisted coding by configuring your ChatGPT API key and setting up your development environment.
  • Installing and integrating the ChatGPT plugin with PyCharm IDE.
  • Building Python and Django web apps with ChatGPT’s assistance.
  • How to use ChatGPT plugins for data analytics, visualization, and machine learning.
  • How to generate code with ChatGPT for popular coding languages. 
  • Advanced customizations to fine-tune ChatGPT for specific domains and improve code quality.
  • Using ChatGPT for code review and debugging.

Course price: $19.99.

My 2 cents: This is one of the most comprehensive courses for developers at an affordable price to learn how to integrate ChatGPT with your coding skills and up your game.

#2. IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate by Coursera

This certification is designed to arm you with the skills to work as an AI developer. The program will educate you about AI, ML, data science, natural language processing, and IBM Watson AI services.

The course has 6 modules that teach you:

  • The basics of artificial intelligence – what is it, use cases, deep learning, and neural networks.
  • What IBM Watson is and all its AI capabilities.
  • To build AI-powered chatbots with programming and how to make it user-friendly.
  • Python basics and apply Python using branching, loop, and more.
  • How to build an AI application with Python and Flask.
  • How to build AI applications with Watson APIs.

Course price: $49 per month. 

My 2 cents: The course is a stepping stone for kick-starting your career in AI. If you know basic programming and want to learn how to create applications with AI, enroll in this course.

#3. Machine Learning A-Z™: AI, Python & R + ChatGPT Bonus [2023] – by Udemy

This course on Machine Learning gives you a comprehensive insight into the world of ML using Python and R.

The course is structured precisely, starting with the basics and diving into complex parts later. Here’s what you will learn from it:

  • Regression techniques: Learn different types of regression – simple linear, multiple linear, polynomial, SVR, decision tree, and random forest.
  • Classification techniques: Learn different classification typeslogistic regression, K-NN, SVM, kernel SVM, etc.
  • Reinforcement Learning: Learn about upper confidence bound and Thompson sampling.
  • Natural Language Processing: Introduction to bag-of-words model and algorithms for NLP.
  • Dimensionality reduction: Learn PCA, LDA, and Kernel PCA techniques.

After taking the course, you will have in-depth knowledge of ML in Python and R and be able to make robust ML and AI models.

Course price: $109.99.

My 2 cents: This course caters to both – beginners and intermediates who want to learn ML. It’s a comprehensive course with 40+ hours of video, so ensure you have the time to cover everything.

Best AI Courses for Marketers

Learning AI for marketers right now is one of the most productive things. AI can help them:

  • Create data-driven strategies
  • Segment customer bases and personalize marketing campaigns at scale
  • Automate repetitive tasks and free up time for strategic work
  • Enhance creativity and get a competitive edge

The list goes on…

So here are some courses that I suggest you enroll in. 👇

#1. AI in Marketing by Udemy

The AI in Marketing course is a complete guide on using ChatGPT in marketing. It helps you improve marketing efforts in all kinds of processes and across multiple digital platforms.

Let’s see what the course offers:

  • Learning the basics: Using ChatGPT to write marketing-specific prompts and shows you various Zaiper integrations you must leverage.
  • Using AI for multiple marketing operations: How to use AI for branding, content marketing, design, social media marketing, paid search, etc.
  • Action plan: Tells you where to start AI marketing, gives you an AI tool library, and some more AI applications.

Course price: $54.99.

My 2 cents: This course is the go-to for all marketers who want to test AI in their marketing ops.

#2. Marketing AI Cornell Certification Program

The course covers practical and innovative ways to apply AI and ML in marketing operations. 

At the end of the course, you will know how to integrate AI with your marketing strategy to enhance the customer journey, achieve data-driven decision-making, and hit your marketing goals efficiently.

Here’s everything the course covers:

  • Digital transformation in marketing: Learn how to implement AI and create a data-driven strategy to accelerate your organization’s digital transformation.
  • Assessing opportunities in paid digital media: How to use AI to create paid marketing strategies and write effective copies.
  • Performance marketing with AI: Create a performance marketing strategy and identify the part you can supercharge with AI and automation.

The course also has a three-day virtual Zoom meeting to discuss all your doubts and concepts with peers and expert marketing professionals at Cornell.

Course price: One-time fee – $2,589 or pay $975 monthly.

My 2 cents: If you want to understand how AI will impact marketing in the long run (maybe in a decade) and want to adapt accordingly, this course is for you.

#3. Artificial Intelligence AI Marketing to Grow Your Business

The AI Marketing to Grow Your Business course educates you on leveraging AI tools to boost your sales and marketing. It will cover all concepts in marketing – email, social media, customer service, campaigns, and more.

Let’s see what you can learn with this course:

  • Overview: Examples and uses of AI in marketing and how to select the AI tools to help you with marketing.
  • Email marketing: Using AI to optimize email subject lines and copy and write personalized emails.
  • Content creation and automation: Learn how to generate AI content for your website, blog, and social media.
  • Automate customer service: Tells you how to create a Facebook chatbot and automate customer service.
  • SEO and analytics: Gives you a list of AI-based tools to help you with SEO and analytics.

At the end of the course, you will also learn about marketing analytics automation – what it is and how it will save you time.

Course price: $79.99.

My 2 cents: If you already have a marketing strategy that works, do this course and understand the operations where you can integrate AI into your process to boost productivity.

Final Thoughts: Invest Your Time in the Best Artificial Intelligence Course

No matter your profession, you must put in the effort to learn AI, use it as your assistant, and let it help you with your work.

It will not just save time but also help you take your work quality to the next level.

The AI courses mentioned above are all worth enrolling in. But if you want to get started by learning how ChatGPT works and the basics of AI, enroll in the ChatGPT for Work: The Interactive Coursefor free. 

Give it one hour, and you will become great at making ChatGPT your powerful virtual assistant.

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