Best 10 ChatGPT Courses in 2024 [Hand Picked By Experts]

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13 min read
Best 10 ChatGPT Courses in 2024 [Hand Picked By Experts]
Table of Contents
Collaborate in ChatGPT

Team-GPT adds AI to your team. Learn, collaborate, and master ChatGPT in one shared workspace.

Table of Contents

The Internet is flooded with ChatGPT courses that promise to transform you into an AI expert in no time. This isn’t a wrong promise, but not every course for ChatGPT will help you.

So the question is – how do you find the needle in a haystack?

This article is all about it. We have come up with some of the best ChatGPT courses that increase AI adoptions, help you understand ChatGPT, and use it in business operations.

1. ChatGPT for Work: The Interactive Course by Team-GPT

ChatGPT for Work is an interactive course to learn how to adopt and use AI as an individual or a team.

What do we mean by interactive? 

When doing the course, you will be interacting with ChatGPT most of the time. This means the course will give you tasks that you must perform for a better understanding of the concepts.

The course includes:

  • 100+ exercises
  • 100+ tried and tested prompts
  • 100+ extra notes and comments
  • 1000s of use cases
  • 1 hour of video lessons
  • Downloadable PDFs and cheat sheets

And most of all…

  • GPT models

A little about the instructor (that’s me). 👇

My name is Iliya, and I teach AI to 1.2M+ people online. I am one of the few course creators worldwide who can say this.

What is the Course About?

In the ‘ChatGPT for Work’ course, Iliya teaches you how to adopt AI for several different business operations, making AI like an assistant to the team so everyone in your organization can save time and focus on other important tasks.

We guarantee that just 1 hour into the course, you will be better at using ChatGPT than 99.9% of the population.

The best part? Team-GPT isn’t selling this. This course is FREE on YouTube and in Team-GPT (the platform). The best way to take it is on Team-GPT, which allows you to be truly interactive.

What Does the Course Cover?

The course has 7 sections:

  • Introduction: Get to know Iliya and what the course covers.
  • Download PDFs: Before getting started, download the free materials that you will use in the course.
  • ChatGPT bare minimum: Things you must know about ChatGPT.
  • Set Up: Subscribing for ChatGPT plus (options) and setting up Team-GPT.
  • Bookmarks: Know about the 4 best AI chatbots
  • Hand-on with ChatGPT: Several exercises for you to complete and learn how to write prompts.
  • Conclusion: Summing up the course and thanks.

Watch the first few videos to see why it’s a game-changer for teams:

It starts by teaching you what we call ‘The bare minimum’ of ChatGPT. It’s a compilation of the most important facts about ChatGPT that everyone should know.

Once you know the bare minimum, we will set up the software. You can take this course in ChatGPT, Team-GPT, Google Bard, or any other chat interface.

Then, we will get started with the most crucial part: Chatting with GPT models.

In this section, most videos will be 2-3 minutes long, while the whole course will be no more than an hour.

Our aim with this course is to teach you the ChatGPT adoption methodology that so many people fail to understand.

Course price: Free on YouTube and Team-GPT (sign up here)

Best ChatGPT Courses For Beginners

If you’re just starting out with ChatGPT, the courses mentioned below will help you build a solid understanding of the AI chatbot. 

2. Introduction to ChatGPT – DataCamp

Introduction to ChatGPT by DataCamp is a self-paced course designed for anyone who wishes to interact with ChatGPT. The course is divided into four parts:

  • A brief introduction to ChatGPT
  • Adopting ChatGPT
  • Learning the best practices for writing prompts
  • Utilizing ChatGPT for different business use cases

Taught by James Chapman, the first half of this course educates you on the best practices for prompting ChatGPT to generate the highest-quality and most relevant content.

This course is for you if you’re willing to use ChatGPT to improve your speed and efficiency in a host of different tasks.

Besides being self-paced, the course length (one hour) is highly favorable for professionals who can’t spend weeks studying a concept. Along with learning how to do basic interactions with ChatGPT, students also learn how to use AI in various cases.

Here’s what Edmundo M., a course student, thinks about the course:

“The covered aspects are all complete and relevant. The practices after each section definitely open your eyes and mind to key aspects and concepts. The introduction motivates you to the next step of prompt engineering for ways to get better responses to your requirements. Generative AI is here to stay.”

3. ChatGPT for Beginners – MyGreatLearning

Like Datacamp’s course, ChatGPT for beginners is also a free online course with self-paced video lectures. The course starts with laying the groundwork for understanding ChatGPT, then deep dives into using the tool for practical applications.

Here’s what it covers:

  • Introduction to ChatGPT: An extensive introduction to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and its interface to familiarize first-time users with the tool.
  • Design coding-related prompts: Explore the role of ChatGPT in coding across multiple programming languages, learn to use it to generate codes, and get assistance while programming.
  • Email communication prompts: Using the AI to gain insights and learn techniques to optimize email communication for different contexts and objectives.
  • Content creation prompts for ChatGPT: Leveraging generative AI’s ability to weave appealing, well-structured text across different platforms and mediums.
  • Scriptwriting using ChatGPT: Unboxing ChatGPT’s versatility to write scripts for plays, movies, chatbots, customer service interactions, and more.

Apart from these, the course helps you master prompts for different use cases like summarization, feedback generation, keyword-based text generation (helpful for creating SEO-optimized content), and generating persuasive marketing copies.

By the end, you’ll also get acquainted with the limitations of ChatGPT and how not to overuse it.

The course is 2 hours long and offers free lifetime access to those who enroll. This also means you can revisit the modules anytime in the future without paying a buck.

4. ChatGPT for Beginners: Save time with Microsoft Excel – Coursera

This course educates you on how to use ChatGPT for Excel. It teaches you how to effectively standardize, extract, classify, and generate data through the combined power of Excel and ChatGPT.

Taught by Jan Demiralp, founder of Inner Compass Academy and ex-management consultant specializing in data strategy, this 2.5-hour course is filled with skill-based, hands-on learning to enhance Excel productivity by mastering the capabilities of ChatGPT.

However, it requires you to have a basic understanding of Excel formulas and functions.

To ease the learning process, Demiralp divides the course into five steps, each introducing how to do a specific task via a split-screen video walkthrough, starting with:

  • How to standardize date formatting using ChatGPT?
  • How to write formulas to clean up categorical data?
  • Extract text data from URLs within ChatGPT
  • Conduct Sentiment Analysis with ChatGPT
  • How do we generate dummy data with ChatGPT for a survey?

In the end, you also get a Coursera certificate to add to your resume. 

Course Price: $10.01

Best ChatGPT Courses For Developers

Using ChatGPT can significantly enrich a developer’s skillset. Not that developers need it, but because AI can make their work easier and quicker. 

Developers who know how to use AI tend to adapt to changes faster and command higher salaries. Take prompt engineering, for example.

If you want to level up your earning potential, get started with any of the below ChatGPT courses for developers.

5. ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Course for Developers – Class Central

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Course is a free online course developed by DeepLearning AI in collaboration with Independent. 

The course is designed for developers eager to explore AI and use it to build new and powerful applications. Taught by Isa Fulford (OpenAI) and Andrew Ng (DeepLearning.AI), this short, on-demand course covers the following concepts:

  • Understanding the underlying principles and working of LLMs
  • Learning best practices for mastering prompt engineering
  • Exploring innovative ways to use LLMs, like building custom chatbots and other use cases
  • How to systematically engineer good prompts
  • How LLM APIs can be used in applications for a variety of tasks

In addition to video lectures, all concepts are illustrated with numerous examples, hands-on exercises, and quizzes to foster interactive learning. However, the course requires participants to have a basic knowledge of Python and machine learning.

6. ChatGPT for Programmers: Build Python Apps in Seconds – Udemy

Taught by Ardit Sulce, an experienced Python programmer himself, this course teaches you how to quickly build apps, fix bugs, and automate Python workflows using ChatGPT.

Here’s what the course covers:

  • Explore the use of ChatGPT in automating coding tasks and streamlining workflows
  • How to use ChatGPT to fix broken programs?
  • Learn to use ChatGPT for writing elegant codes
  • How do you use ChatGPT to code new features to existing programs?
  • Using ChatGPT to refactor existing codes

This 2-hour long self-paced course offers 15+ downloadable resources and can be easily accessed from anywhere via mobile, desktop, or TV.

ChatGPT for Programmers is designed for programmers at all levels – beginners, intermediate, and advanced who already have some programming experience and want to take their skills to the next level. 

If you have a basic understanding of programming concepts and have written code in the past, then this course is perfect for you.

Course Price: $39.74

7. ChatGPT Accelerated Python: Complete Python Guide 2024 – Udemy

This course enables anyone to learn programming in Python faster and easier using ChatGPT. 

Taught by Cobalt, an experienced instructor who has been writing codes for over 25 years, the course starts with a basic introduction to Python and deep dives into engineering ChatGPT to work as a virtual assistant to your Python projects. 

Here’s what the course covers:

  • Python fundamentals: An introduction to Python, including an in-depth walkthrough of the Pycharm website layout and interface.
  • Using ChatGPT for coding: A step-by-step guide to using ChatGPT to generate Python codes or debug, iterate, and improve on pre-written codes via ChatGPT.
  • Build your utility script: Learn the fundamentals of script anatomy and understand the interplay between the main program and auxiliary scripts.
  • Design custom games using ChatGPT and Python: Explore the concept of packing object data together with code as well as inheritance to build your games.
  • Engineer custom API architecture: Learn how to use ChatGPT to write boilerplates, API integration for social media platforms, and automate resume submission on LinkedIn.

The best part? Each section is backed by practical learning activities, making the entire learning true to real-world scenarios. 

With the course, you also get lifetime access to tutorials, 40+ downloadable resources, and updates to all future course material.

Course Price: $9.62

​​Best ChatGPT Courses For Advanced Users

The courses in this category are for learners who have mastered the fundamentals of ChatGPT and want to go beyond general use cases of the AI chatbot, for instance, using ChatGPT with other tools or creating custom apps using AI.

8. edX – Prompt Engineering and Advanced ChatGPT

This edX course educates you on the tips and techniques to generate accurate, relevant, and engaging responses from ChatGPT.

Taught by leading experts, it explores how to integrate ChatGPT with different tools and advanced technologies like natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to build top-notch chatbots.

Here’s everything the course covers:

  • Learning advanced prompt engineering techniques to optimize ChatGPT outputs.
  • Exploring ChatGPT’s use cases across healthcare, finance, education, and customer service.
  • How do you integrate ChatGPT with other tools and create one-of-a-kind applications?
  • Understanding the limits and boundaries of using AI.

In the beginning, the on-demand video lectures teach techniques to write purpose-driven prompts that tap into ChatGPT’s potential. Frequent quizzes and exercises will keep reinforcing the concepts.

In addition, you’ll also be put through ChatGPT’s weaknesses. For instance, while it can generate responses, it may not always produce your desired results.

It’s important to understand these limitations and find ways to work around them to use AI to build more robust and effective chatbot applications.

What’s more, the intermediate-level course has no language prerequisites because while the audio is originally in English, the course has transcripts in 10 languages to help non-English speakers.

Course Price

  • Free (No certification, limited learning material, no assessments and exams)
  • Certificate and more: $40

9. ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL-E 3 & APIs – The Complete Guide

This extensive course is suitable for both beginners and experts to get a grasp on the combined creativity of ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL-E 3, and other GPT-3 powered APIs.

The length of the course is approximately 16 hours, during which it covers the following topics: 

  • How to master prompt engineering for optimal ChatGPT outputs.
  • How to generate images with Midjourney and DALL-E.
  • Explore ways to automate workflows with AutoGPT and LangChain.
  • How to build apps by integrating OpenAI APIs into code.
  • Boost productivity as a developer using GitHub Copilot and other AI coding tools.

The comprehensive curriculum covers everything from crafting the perfect prompts to generating content and code. Additionally, the course is structured across project-based, real-world case studies that make you job-ready.

You also earn credentials in this complete guide to pioneer AI-based transformation across industries like healthcare, finance education, and more. 

Course Price: $9.62

10. ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis – Coursera

This course is a part of Prompt Engineering Specialization from Coursera. Even if you don’t have any prior coding experience, you can transform how you work with data after taking this prompt engineering course. 

The course has 5 modules where you’ll learn to automate various tasks by conversing with ChatGPT. 

For example, you will be able to turn Excel into insights-rich dashboards, extract key data points from PDFs, create quizzes, marketing content, and more.

Here’s a detailed overview of what you’ll learn:

  • Automate reading PDFs, PowerPoints, Excel files, and other documents
  • Visually transform datasets into graphs, charts, and PPT slides
  • Analyze documents and identify compliance with policies
  • Generate quizzes, social posts, and presentations from text
  • Catalog and edit images and videos by directing ChatGPT

Also, through interactive exercises, you get hands-on practice in creative problem-solving with conversational intelligence. Each module is backed by practical assignments for a valuable and interactive learning experience. 

Concluding Thoughts: Invest Your Time in the Best ChatGPT Course

No matter your profession, you must put in the effort to learn how ChatGPT works, use it as your assistant, and let it help you with your work.

It will not just save time but also help enhance your work quality.

The courses mentioned above are all worth enrolling in. But if you want to get started by learning how ChatGPT works and the basics of AI, enroll in the ChatGPT for Work: The Interactive Coursefor free. 

Give it one hour, and you will become great at making ChatGPT your powerful virtual assistant.

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Iliya Valchanov

Iliya teaches 1.3M students on the topics of AI, data science, and machine learning. He is a serial entrepreneur, who has co-founded Team-GPT, 3veta, and 365 Data Science. Iliya’s latest project, Team-GPT is helping companies like Maersk, EY, Charles Schwab, Johns Hopkins University, Yale University, Columbia University adopt AI in the most private and secure way.