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Our team has taught 2,000,000+ people worldwide how to use AI. Then we built Team-GPT to support your team on its own AI adoption journey.

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ChatGPT for work: The Interactive Course

Our co-founder, Iliya Valchanov, who teaches AI to 1.3M people online

ChatGPT for Work course

Shortcut the learning curve

Drive adoption by nurturing fundamental and transferable skills to navigate AI interactions 

Join over 20,000 Businesses

Advanced Adoption Reports in Team-GPT
Advanced Usage Reports

Data-driven insights

Understand your team’s patterns and ensure smooth transition to AI-led workflows

Knowledge Base

From beginner guides to advanced tutorials, explore curated articles to broaden your understanding of AI and easily onboard your whole team in Team-GPT.

Prompt Library

The shared prompt library encourages team members to learn and improve together by providing a platform for shared knowledge and best practices.


Team-GPT turns the interaction with any AI model into an organised AI collaboration to unleash creativity and start conversations with ease.

ChatGPT Adoption Methodology
ChatGPT adoption methodology

Fast-track your transition

AI adoption in the workplace can be a challenge. 

Privacy-centric adoption

Enjoy power-packed AI features while keeping your enterprise data safe

Frequently asked questions

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Team-GPT is constantly upgrading, thanks to user feedback. We’re committed to refining and enhancing our platform, but whenever we roll out updates or new features, we provide detailed information so that everyone can adapt smoothly and keep the team in the loop.

Team-GPT allows admins to track each team member’s chat efficiency and engagement. You can see chat performance categorized by token usage, spot your most efficient chatters, and review overall messaging activity.

No, all team members can take the course at the same time within the shared workspace. Each user’s progress is independently tracked, ensuring no overlap or confusion with others’ course progression.

Team-GPT is model-agnostic platform which means that it accommodates and allows users to integrate more than one Large Language Model (LLM).

Our platform supports a range of LLMs including GPT-4, Google Gemini, Anthropic, as well as Custom LLMs. This empowers you to choose the model that best aligns with your business needs, ensuring an AI experience that is tailored to your unique requirements.