Team-GPT is the ChatGPT alternative for your whole company

Team-GPT brings your team together in one shared workspace to foster a culture of collective learning and growth. Establish effective AI-powered workflows while leveraging GPT models to their full potential!

Team collaboration with AI shouldn't be a hassle

See how Team-GPT compares to ChatGPT

In ChatGPT for teams your team can't communicate ideas

Or grow AI knowledge, or share feedback amongst themselves because all chats are private.

In Team-GPT, your team can engage in conversation together

They can learn from and reuse each other’s chats to do things better and faster because chats are shared.

In ChatGPT for teams you can't find your good chats

Because your chats are piling up in the sidebar without rhyme or rule.

In Team-GPT, your can always find what you are looking for

You know exactly where to find them in a clutter-free workspace because chats are organised in folders.

In ChatGPT for teams are missing out on other models

Since you don’t have access to any models apart from the ones of OpenAI.

In Team-GPT, you can choose the model that suits your unique work best

You can use ChatGPT, Google Bard, Microsoft Azure, LLaMa, or even a custom one.

ChatGPT Favicon ChatGPT for Teams
Team-GPT Favicon Team-GPT
Team Collaboration
Shared chats inside the workspace
Folders and organisational structures
Library of custom prompts
Educational resources
Group permissions
Create and Share GPTs
Image generation
GPT-4 with vision
Use Anthropic Claude, Gemini, Mistral
GPT-4 Context Window 32K 128K
GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo Access Capped Unlimited
Price (for 10 members team) $300/mo $20/month + usage costs
Enterprise offering
Private cloud
On premises

Advanced adoption reports

Track your team’s AI adoption rates with ease. Ensure your team is actively engaging with the AI, pinpoint your best adopters, provide support when needed, and observe the progress over time.

Fork chats

Have you ever wished to continue an existing chat, but with a fresh perspective? It’s possible! Begin a chat, and let your teammates leverage it, picking up the thread with their unique insights. See your team’s creativity branch out in multiple directions.

Custom instructions for each workspace

Add specific instructions for your entire workspace so the AI response is adapted to your specific business needs in every chat.

Edit and delete context

Ensure the AI stays on track, boost the response accuracy, and overcome the need to tell the AI to “ignore what I just said”.

Custom instructions for every chat

Make sure your chat never forgets the most important information, no matter how many messages you send. Get responses exactly how you want them to be, every time.

Switching is easy

Just continue your chats in Team-GPT

You can easily import your ChatGPT chat history directly into Team-GPT in seconds.
Share your knowledge with your team and build up on your chats together.

Team-GPT guarantees ChatGPT adoption for teams between 2 and 2,000 people.

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Adopting generative AI like ChatGPT into your work doesn't have to feel like a mountain to climb.

We know because we’ve gotten feedback from 13,000 users of Team-GPT. Professionals need hands-on practice and the right learning platform.

Thus, our CEO Iliya designed a FREE ChatGPT for work course and integrated it into the platform to give you the full interactive experience.

The course will equip you with a deep understanding of GPT models, fundamental skills on how to talk to the AI, along with hands-on experience through relevant examples.

Just an hour spent on the course content will put you ahead of 99.9% of the population in using ChatGPT.
  • 100+ tried and tested prompts
  • 100+ exercises
  • 100+ extra notes and comments
  • Thousands of use cases
  • Handy PDFs with most useful prompts and techniques