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Partner with your data science team to develop models, analyze data, and share actionable insights within a single AI-driven platform.

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Data teams excelling with Team-GPT

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Team-GPT is redefining AI-powered collaboration for over 25,000 forward-thinking organizations

Data science teams have observed a 12x increase in productivity for tasks such as predictive modelling, data cleansing, and insight generation


Choose the right AI model for the task

Team-GPT offers model-agnostic flexibility that you won’t find in ChatGPT for Teams, Perplexity Enterprise, Google Gemini or Microsoft Copilot.

Team-GPT can help
Data Scientists with:

Data Cleaning

Spot and correct typos, inconsistencies, and missing values

Pinpoint outliers that may signify errors or special cases

Data Transformation

Automatically generate new, useful features for your analysis

Normalize or scale features for comparability

Data Enrichment

Supplement datasets with external data such as economic indicators or social media trends

Impute missing values based on existing data patterns

Data Integration

Resolve entities and ambiguities from different data sources

Match schemas from separate data sources to a common structure

Predictive Data Quality

Foresee and handle quality issues before they impact your results

Maintain high standards of data quality that directly influence predictive

Data Anonymization & Privacy

Anonymize data to preserve privacy while retaining its value

Implement differential privacy to ensure insights do not infringe on individual privacy

Exploratory Data Analysis

Investigate complex data and reveal underlying structures with AI's assistance

Identify key trends and correlations that might drive strategic decisions

Natural Language Processing

Preprocess text data by tokenizing, stemming, lemmatizing, and removing stopwords

Perform sentiment analysis to extract key insights from text data

Work together in an AI-driven collaboration hub

Turn your data team into a productivity powerhouse in an all-in-one AI workspace.
Folders and subdfolders

Clean and ordered data

Your team’s work organized and tidy for best results. Save and reuse good chats to save time.
Fork, share, delete

Unleash collaborative creativity

Fork conversations for diverse perspectives, share insights for collective wisdom, and prune chats to maintain focus.

Privacy-centric data analysis

Enjoy power-packed AI features while keeping your enterprise data safe.

Custom Instructions

Customize your AI interactions to your business needs and goals by setting a custom tone, having control over chat responses for focused conversations, and adjusting or deleting instructions as focus shifts


From visual content into actionable insights using Vision, which allows for image upload and analysis, encourages team discussion, and offers a choice between different analytical models

Prompt Library

The shared prompt library encourages team members to learn and improve together by providing a platform for shared knowledge and best practices

Trusted by 2,000+ Data Professionals

Team-GPT is transforming data science practices by providing a powerful tool and inspiring success stories daily. Experience it yourself!

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Switching from ChatGPT is easy

Just continue your chats in Team-GPT

Import your ChatGPT history directly into Team-GPT in seconds.
Share your knowledge with your team and build up on your chats together.


Absolutely, Team-GPT offers free access for up to two users, perfect for small teams or solo data analysts.

Yes, whether you’re managing big data or more focused projects, Team-GPT scales to meet your needs without losing efficiency.

Our extensive Knowledge Base is packed with tutorials and guides to help you integrate Team-GPT smoothly into your daily operations. The free ChatGPT for work course that is integrated inside the platform ensures that your team can easily onboard and get most out of the GPT models.

Team-GPT follows stringent data protection protocols to ensure your data’s security, adhering to GDPR and offering customized solutions for enhanced privacy.

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