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Team-GPT is a model-agnostic, fully customizable, and multimodal AI platform, which redefines how work is done. 

Trusted by leading teams of all sizes:

team-gpt AI
Multiple models integration with Team-GPT

Diverse AI models at your fingertips

Power your workspace with a range of LLMs that adapt to any project or task

Custom Instructions in Team-GPT
Custom Instructions

Personalize your AI interactions

Align your chat experience with your unique business needs and goals

Using Vision in Team-GPT

Turn images into insights

Bring clarity to visual content with AI-powered interpretation

Join over 20,000 Businesses

Dall-E 3

Design stunning visuals in seconds

Transform your text-based ideas into impressive visuals directly in Team-GPT

Importing ChatGPT into Team-GPT
Import Chats from ChatGPT

Transfer important data in seconds

Ensure that all of your key conversations are secured and readily accessible in Team-GPT


Watch your ideas come to life with Dall-E 3. Craft marketing materials that captivate your audience and drive impactful brand engagement.


Analyze diagrams or complex figures with Vision, and share chats to discuss findings. Upgrade the learning experience in an innovative environment.


Use Custom Instructions to tailor the context of your chats to align with your clients’ specific objectives and drive measurable results.

Frequently asked questions

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Team-GPT is the preferred choice for teams looking to optimize collaboration and productivity. The platform allows team members to learn from and reuse each other’s chats in one shared workspace. Its flexibility in connecting a wide range of AI models, including but not limited to OpenAI, allows for a tailored experience that best suits your unique needs. It is easy to switch to Team-GPT. Import your ChatGPT conversations in seconds and start sharing your knowledge with your team and building up on your chats together.

Team-GPT is build to revolutionize your team’s collaboration and productivity. With our robust shared workspace, your team can engage, share ideas, and foster collective learning. The platform supports various GPT models and unique features like an expansive 128K context window, forking chats, and custom instructions add unmatched depth to your teams’ conversations. Plus, our offline and on-premise capabilities afford you the flexibility your team needs. The free ChatGPT for work course that is integrated inside the platform ensures that your team can easily onboard and get most out of the GPT models.

Team-GPT adheres to all GDPR compliance standards. Check out our Enterprise solution where you can choose between on premise deployment or any cloud provider: Vercel, AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.

Team-GPT is model-agnostic platform which means that it accommodates and allows users to integrate more than one Large Language Model (LLM).

Our platform supports a range of LLMs including GPT-4, Google Gemini, Anthropic, as well as Custom LLMs. This empowers you to choose the model that best aligns with your business needs, ensuring an AI experience that is tailored to your unique requirements.