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15 Best ChatGPT Plugins You Should Have in 2024

In this article, we will talk about these ChatGPT plugins and explore their capabilities.
15 Best ChatGPT Plugins You Should Have

ChatGPT Plugins are one of the best assets for ChatGPT users; no one can deny that. But the sea of plugins is vast. There are thousands of them for you to choose from, and the choice might mostly overwhelm you.

That’s why I have come up with the 15 best ChatGPT plugins that I’ve used and found beneficial.

In this article, we will talk about these ChatGPT plugins and explore their capabilities.

Where to Find the Best ChatGPT Plugins?

You can download the ChatGPT plugins from its interface.

But first things first – you must subscribe to ChatGPT Plus to access these plugins. It will cost you $20 per month.

Want to see a step-by-step guide? Read ahead.

When you visit ChatGPT, go to the Settings tab > Beta features > Enable Plugins.

Click ChatGPT 4 to open a drop-down, and then click Plugins.

ChatGPT will open its plugin store tab that looks like this. 


If you click All, you can see hundreds of pages filled with third-party plugins to choose from.

You can search the plugin category or name you want to install and press Install to get it.

👀 Note: While several plugins are free, some might need you to create an account. ChatGPT also has paid plugins, so ensure that you have an account and payment in place before using the plugins.

Time to see some of these plugins in action!

What are the Best ChatGPT Plugins? 

To simplify the guide, I have segregated the ChatGPT plugins into five major categories, which are:

  • Plugins that boost your productivity
  • Plugins to help you with research and content
  • Plugins for developers and coders
  • Plugins for creative assistance
  • Plugins for personal use

Let’s look at each category one by one.

Category #1. ChatGPT Plugins for Boosting Productivity

The best part about ChatGPT plugins is that they can help you automate several tasks and boost your productivity. So, in this category, I have three plugins:

  1. Prompt Perfect: Converts your weak prompts into strong prompts
  2. Zapier: Automate tasks and boost productivity
  3. Taskade: For setting goals and visualizing them

#1. Prompt Perfect

PromptPerfect, as the name suggests, lets you develop, debug, and deploy optimized perfect prompts for GPT-4.

The plugin is a must-have if you’re a prompt engineer, content creator, or AI developer.

After enabling the Prompt Perfect plugin, type ‘perfect’ before any prompt you give ChatGPT for it to work.

Here’s how it works:

Chat link: 

What I asked ChatGPT was a generic prompt without giving it any context. 

Prompt Perfect helped me give context to ChatGPT: ‘Your story should encompass the various aspects of the journey, including the setting, characters, and events, in a manner that is both precise and comprehensive.’

#2. Zapier 

With the Zapier ChatGPT plugin, you can connect to 5,000+ apps like Google Sheets, Gmail, and Slack, interact with ChatGPT, and automate several tasks.

It saves you the time and hassle of switching between different tools.

This plugin is powered by Zapier’s new Natural Language Actions API, which enables AI models like ChatGPT to use simple natural language to complete actions in other apps.

You can ask ChatGPT to get answers to any of the 50,000 actions the Zapier plugin can do. From writing an email to finding contact information in a CRM, this plugin can do it all.

There are several use cases for which I used Zapier. Here’s one of them in action. 👇

👀 Note: Before prompting ChatGPT to do a specific task via Zapier, you must create a Zap on your Zapier account.


Research 5 blog post title ideas to write a blog on in the niche – email deliverability. Save them in a new Google Sheet. Name the sheet: Email Deliverability Blog Topic Ideas.

Chat link: 

ChatGPT will first create a sheet, and to finalize the process, it will ask you to Review and Confirm sheet creation.

You can edit or finalize the sheet by clicking on ‘Run.’ You can now open the Google Sheets page and check if the action is complete.

#3. Taskade

The Taskade plugin on ChatGPT allows you to create, manage, and track tasks directly within the ChatGPT interface.

With this plugin, you can organize tasks into projects, set deadlines, and prioritize them, ensuring you stay on top of your workload.

By leveraging Taskade, ChatGPT can help you generate task lists, draft outlines, or brainstorm ideas.

What’s more, if you’re working in a team, Taskade allows for collaborative editing and updating tasks. Team members can add comments, mark tasks as complete, and update project status, which helps keep everyone on the same page.


Give me a mind map for the business goals of a B2B SaaS company that sells a task management app.

Chat link: 

When I clicked the direct link to view the map, it took me to my Taskade dashboard.

Category #2. ChatGPT Plugins for Help with Research and Content

The majority of people out there use ChatGPT for research and content generation, so here are some plugins you can leverage to enhance the process.

#1. Web Request

GPT-4 can access Bing by default, but what if you want to extract information from Google? That’s where Web Request comes in.

Web Request is a web browsing plugin that allows ChatGPT to fetch real-time information from Google. You can get news, weather updates, stock market trends, etc.

The plugin lets ChatGPT gather and synthesize information from a wide range of sources that can help you with your research process.

Here’s the plugin in action:


Goal: Please conduct thorough research on the latest trends in digital marketing for small businesses. 

 Context: I’m interested in understanding the following aspects:

  1. Current Digital Marketing Trends:
  • What are the most effective digital marketing strategies small businesses adopt in 2023?
  • How has the digital marketing landscape changed in the last year, especially considering the impact of AI and machine learning technologies?
  1. Social Media Marketing:
  • Which social media platforms are currently most beneficial for small businesses and why?
  • Are there any emerging platforms that are gaining popularity among small business marketers?
  1. Content Marketing:
  • What types of content (blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.) are most effective for small businesses?
  • How are small businesses leveraging content marketing to improve their SEO and online presence?

For each of these points, please provide a summary of your findings along with links to the sources. If possible, include statistics, graphs, or infographics to support the data. 

Chat link: 

#2. SEO Blog Writer

The SEO Blog Writer plugin by Quick Creator can help you write long-form SEO-optimized blog posts. But that’s just not it; besides writing blog posts, it can also help you incorporate keywords into your article.

One major advantage of using a tool for writing blog posts is that the process is time-efficient. Instead of spending hours, you can get a post from AI within minutes.

But remember – no AI can write as a human expert can. So, you will compromise on quality when using AI.


Write for me a 2000-word blog post targeting the keyword: sales enablement.

The article’s title will be – The Ultimate Guide to Sales Enablement.

Cover aspects like sales enablement, the benefits of leveraging sales enablement, sales enablement best practices, and more.

Keep the tone authoritative and write in first person (use I and you).

Use a mix of paragraphs (keep the short 3-4 lines max) and bullets (wherever necessary).

I liked the plugin because it gave me a featured image along with the article.

Chat link: 

#3. SEO Core AI

The SEO Core AI plugin can help analyze any blog post or webpage for on-page or SEO in general. 

I first analyzed one of our blogs with this plugin:


Analyze the blog for on-page SEO and suggest changes: 

Chat link: 

All in all, it gave me everything right, and as I asked, it also included the changes I needed to make to the page.

Later, I also analyzed a website with it. You can read about it in the chat link.

Category #3. ChatGPT Plugins for Developers and Coders

With ChatGPT plugins, developers and coders can leverage them to ask for course recommendations, develop basic HTML web pages, or understand specific concepts.

#1. Codecademy

With Codeacademeny, you can access a vast educational tech and coding resource database to help you in your learning journey.

The plugin has access to Codecademy’s course catalog, which you can access for free and find courses related to coding.

But that’s not it. 

You can also enable the plugin and ask it to quickly look up documentation or anything technical, such as documentation of a Python code.

You can learn more about Codeacademy’s plugin for ChatGPT by reading the guide on Codeacademy’s website: Now You Can Use ChatGPT to Discover Codecademy Courses.

Time to see the plugin in action:


I am interested in learning How to code in Python. Can you suggest some courses for me?

Chat link: 

#2. WebDev

With WebDev, you can use ChatGPT to generate HTML pages. The plugin can help you construct a functional website in minutes. 

You can instantly preview the page and ask ChatGPT to change the code or personalize it better. All this can be done by just typing in what you want.


Using the plugin, generate a homepage where people can buy Football match tickets. Apart from the obvious text fields, insert a promo code field where people can type a promo code and get a discount.

Chat link: 

Click on the link to open the preview of the page.

#3. Code Library Help

The Code Library Help plugin is designed to assist with questions related to specific Python libraries and SDKs. 

It can search for relevant sections of code and documentation from a range of supported libraries. 

For example, if you have a question about a particular Python library (e.g., numpy, pandas, requests), you can ask for information or examples from that library. 

The plugin can search the library’s documentation and codebase for relevant information.


I need a code snippet showing how to create a pivot table in pandas. 

Chat link: 

Category #4. ChatGPT Plugins for Creative Assistance

GPT-4, with the integration of plugins, can help you become more creative. 

Here’s how 👇

#1. AI Diagrams

ChatGPT can use the AI Diagrams plugin to generate diagrams based on your prompt. 

Complex ideas or data sets are often easier to understand when presented visually. The AI Diagram plugin can help create flowcharts, mind maps, wireframes, and other visual elements that make comprehension and communication more effective.

The plugin is beneficial, especially for teams, product managers, or software developers who need visual representation to understand complex frameworks.


Goal: Create a flowchart outlining the key operations and processes of a B2B SaaS brand. 

Context: The flowchart should cover the following:

  • Market analysis and strategy development
  • Product development
  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer support and success
  • Operations management
  • Growth and scaling

Each process must have three sub-steps on how to execute it.

FYI – My brand sells Task management apps to small and mid-sized businesses.

Chat link: 

#2. ImageSearch

Need an image relevant to a blog post you wrote? Use the ImageSearch plugin. The plugin has access to Unsplash and recommends images as per blog content.

Although it gives you stock images, it’s a good starting point to add images and publish fast. You can edit these images later with more personalized ones.


[insert your blog post]

Can you recommend images for the above blog?

Chat link: 

#3. Smart Slides

Smart Slides lets you create presentations by describing what you want in them. You can enable the plugin and instruct ChatGPT to make presentations by writing instructions in simple English.


Please create a presentation on ‘The Future of Renewable Energy.’ The presentation should include the following slides:

Slide 1: Title Slide: ‘The Future of Renewable Energy’

Slide 2: Agenda: Overview of topics covered in the presentation.

Slide 3: Current State of Renewable Energy: Key statistics and global trends.

Slide 4: Emerging Technologies: Innovations and new technologies in renewable energy.

Slide 5: Challenges: Major obstacles in adopting and implementing renewable energy.

Slide 6: Environmental Impact: The benefits of renewable energy on the environment.

Slide 7: Conclusion: Summary of the main points discussed.

Use a modern, clean design with a green and blue color scheme, and include relevant images and graphics where appropriate.

Chat link: 

The plugin converted the text to slides in a matter of seconds. 

I think using Smart Slides is a good start and can save you the hassle of customization and personalization required when creating slides manually.

Category #5. ChatGPT Plugins for Personal Use

Lastly, ChatGPT plugins are not only about business. You can use them for your personal chores as well.

#1. Expedia

Expedia’s integration with ChatGPT lets you search for flight tickets and hotels worldwide. The plugin already has an existing database that it can scan through when you ask a question.


Can you give me the names of some of the best budget hotels for a seven-night stay in Paris? 

Chat link: 


ChatGPT utilizes KAYAK’s travel search capabilities to find flights, hotels, car rentals, and more based on the location of your preference and real-time data. 

You can give ChatGPT details like budget, dates, and destinations, and the AI can retrieve and display data to you in seconds.

What’s more, you can also use KAYAK to compare prices in real-time across different airlines, hotels, and rental services that can help you reduce expenses.


Can you compare the price of flight tickets from California to Bangkok and tell me which is the cheapest? I prefer flying business class. I am planning to fly on the 27th of November, 2023. The upper cap on my budget is $3200.

Chat link: 

#3. One Word Domains

One Word Domains does just what it says. It gives you the available domain names for your next big idea.

You can give it all the details about the company and product. One Word Domains will then study it and show you the best possible one-word domain name ideas available in the current market.


Get me available domains for a SaaS company in the content marketing niche. I have an AI tool to help writers create comprehensive outlines and briefs.

Chat link: 

Collaborate with Your Team on ChatGPT

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