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The Team-GPT Manifesto

Embracing Collaboration in the AI Revolution

I have been using GPT-3 for about 2 years in different products. And the announcement of ChatGPT was nothing too special. It was just another step forward to the wider adoption of AI. 

But then GPT-4 came out. I paid for ChatGPT Plus and started interacting. 

2 hours later I had done work that would normally take an average employee 2 weeks. The quality of the output? Outstanding. ChatGPT (GPT-4) has yielded a 20x improvement in my productivity.

That’s when I knew it:

GPT-4 has kicked off the AI revolution.

I rushed to tell my team that their success in the next couple of years will be simply a function of how well they can interact with LLMs (large language models) such as ChatGPT.

What to do about it?

While everyone is rushing to find the smartest application of ChatGPT we are all missing a crucial ingredient – we still don’t know how to interact with LLMs properly.

ChatGPT is like nothing we have seen before.

At Team-GPT we think the next step is obvious: every team needs to get together and understand this technology better.

And it is each team on its own.

  • My team and I already experiment together
  • You and your team should experiment together ASAP
  • My team and your team could collaborate together
You get the point.


How to achieve this?

It is extremely hard to explain what ChatGPT can do. Heck, our team has been sending each other articles, screenshots, threads, and prompts. But it is not the right way.

The only way is to SHOW.

That is why Team-GPT exists: to make collaboration in ChatGPT possible.

To make mentorship in ChatGPT possible.


It is mostly up to you

In a future dominated by AI, it will be those who work together with AI that succeed. And millions of people will lose their jobs.

There is no time to be in denial. Denial is futile.

If you have spent the time to read this – you already know it.

It is time for you to become that leader who will help your organization, friends, or family be better prepared for the world of tomorrow.

Learn, collaborate, and succeed together. Not with random people on the Internet.

But with the people whose future you care about.


P.S. This is the only text on our website created by humans.