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Collaborate in ChatGPT

Team-GPT adds AI to your team. Learn, collaborate, and master ChatGPT in one shared workspace.

10 Best AI Marketing Tools You Should Have in 2024

Discover the top 10 AI marketing tools to enhance your strategies in 2023. Learn how adopting these tools can boost your revenue growth.
10 best AI marketing tools you should have in 2023

As AI continues to shape the marketing landscape, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve. Recent studies show that more and more marketers are embracing AI, with an estimated 50% of marketers surveyed by Webfx already using AI for their marketing strategies. 

And why not? The results speak for themselves. Using AI in marketing operations has proven successful for 41% of global marketers, resulting in improved performance and increased revenue growth. A further 38% said that AI helped to create individualized experiences.

That’s why we’ve curated a list of the 10 best AI marketing tools you should have in 2023. Businesses can confidently make data-driven decisions using these tools, leading to impressive outcomes.

What are the best AI marketing tools?

#1 Team-GPT

Team-GPT: Collaborate in ChatGPT

Team-GPT enables teams to collaborate using OpenAI’s ChatGPT. by resolving one of ChatGPT’s biggest limitations—lack of collaboration. In ChatGPT, users engage in one-on-one conversations with the AI, while in Team-GPT, the whole team gets 

onboarded together. This powerful tool provides a shared workspace where team members can work together in real time using the latest models (GPT-4).

Besides enhancing collaborative teamwork with the power of AI, Team-GPT also addresses some common issues teams may face, such as:

  • Chat organization and labeling: Team members store their best chats in folders and subfolders. This helps the whole team find the best interactions faster and accelerates adoption. 
  • Learning AI together: Practice makes perfect, and Team-GPT enables teams to improve their AI skills. There are 100s of default examples, tips and tricks, and (even) online courses that Team-GPT provides to its users. But the best part is that people on the team share knowledge and learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Adoption reports: The best way to ensure your team is getting value from ChatGPT is… to make sure they talk to it. Through the adoption reports, teams can stay on top of the early adopters and nudge laggards to adopt the technology faster. 
Adoption reports in Team-GPT keep you on top of team usage

Now, let’s dive deep into what makes Team-GPT such an excellent tool for AI marketing and what benefits your team gets from using it.

Team-GPT’s best features

Think of Team-GPT as a virtual office running on AI. Here’s a breakdown of some of its key features:


With Team-GPT, teams work seamlessly and effectively using ChatGPT’s models. The latest models are always available, sometimes even before those in ChatGPT Plus.

Team-GPT provides an AI-powered shared workspace, enabling team members to build a knowledge hub, share prompts, and learn ChatGPT as a group, and give feedback on tasks, all leading to improved results.


Reduce clutter and organize knowledge
Most chats are trash… but not all. Categorize the good ones, order them in folders and subfolders, and reduce clutter. A well organized ChatGPT workspace, enhances accessibility, knowledge sharing and team collaboration.

The bigger the team, the harder it is to keep track of everything. With Team-GPT, though, keeping things tidy is a no-brainer. You can:

  • Create clutter-free communication
  • Organize chats in folders
  • Keep multiple conversations private (and separate)

But this goes even deeper. On the level of a single conversation, you can also:

  • Fork (duplicate) a chat from a certain point in time
  • Delete any irrelevant content or messages, so you don’t confuse the AI
  • Create shareable links for others to join in on workflows

With these features, your team gets to focus on what’s important, increasing overall productivity and improving the quality of their collaborative efforts.

💡 Pro tip

Team-GPT can help your team learn from each other. You simply need 1 ChatGPT evangelist to light up the curiosity of the whole team. See how others have implemented it.

AI-powered learning

Team-GPT also serves as an AI learning platform, enabling your team members to improve their AI skills by working with ChatGPT. Its Prompt Library feature contains over 100 unique prompts, carefully chosen by the Team-GPT team, helping teams develop unique and creative ideas for work. Or even better—use predefined prompts that just work!

It also encourages documentation. Worked for 10 mins to craft the perfect prompt? Save it to the library, so you or your teammates can reuse it later!  Building your own prompt library will reduce repetitive tasks and foster a best-practice culture so your team can simplify their work activities into efficient, result-oriented processes.


Team-GPT offers three pricing plans: Free, Pro, and Business.

  • Free: $0 (up to 2 members per team)
  • Pro: $20 per month (covers 3-to-100-member teams)
  • Business: Request a custom quote (for teams with 100+ members).

Team-GPT Pros

  • Pricing plans are budget-friendly and affordable
  • Offers customizable branding for each unique business and team of any size
  • 24/7 help desk (email, live chat)
  • Seamless communication management 

Team-GPT Cons

  • Learning curve due to the number of AI features available
  • Currently only available as a web tool

#2 DeepBrain AI

When it comes to AI video creation, few platforms get the job done quite like DeepBrain AI. This tool makes video production and editing easy as pie, so much so that even beginners in the field can latch on to its processes immediately.

This platform stands out because you don’t need to hire equipment, production crews, or even actors—which could typically cost you a fortune in service fees. Moreover, you can manually add subtitles to reach a wider audience or have the tool automatically generate them for you. 

DeepBrain caters to various video content creation uses, like feature explanations, pitch decks, company introductions, etc. 

Here are some of its key features:

Best Features

DeepBrain AI offers an efficient video generator that can convert descriptive texts into realistic videos in minutes. You can also create video content from PPT slides. Each video typically features photo-realistic artificial intelligence avatars, easily customized to fit your brand ideas and image.

One of its best features, though, is the one-click subtitle generation, which means users can generate subtitles for the videos seamlessly, with just the push of a button.


DeepBrain AI offers a three-tier pricing structure: Starter, Pro, and Enterprise.

  • Starter: $30 (monthly), $24/month (yearly payment)—for beginners
  • Pro: $225 (monthly), $180/month (yearly payment)—growing small businesses
  • Enterprise: Request Custom Pricing—professional use/long term

Next, we’ll examine where DeepBrain AI shines and where it may fall short.

DeepBrain AI Pros and Cons

  • Offers a quick turnaround for video production (usually in under 5 minutes), reducing production costs and time up to 80%.
  • Available for use in over 80 voice types and languages.
  • Suitable for robust use cases, from social media engagement to educational content.
  • Realistic AI avatars had human emotion in videos created.
  • Starter plan’s 10-minute video limit can be restrictive
  • It lacks traditional video editing features, a problem for users who prefer visual editing over text-based inputs.

#3 Jasper.ai

Words aren’t always easy to come by, especially when you need them to persuade customers to purchase or sign up for a product/service. Jasper takes care of that problem, serving as an AI writer for all marketing purposes.

This writing tool comes with various content creation templates, giving you a headstart with your content marketing. This means less time spent pouring over drafts (by up to 80%). Additionally, it takes note of the best practices in search engine optimization (for those search engine ranking results) and can create art designs to enhance your posts.

From landing pages to social media posts; email marketing campaigns, to all content marketing strategies; Jasper is that all-in-one AI marketing tool. If you’re wondering how one tool can do all this, it’s because it’s been trained with real-life sales & marketing content from experts. 

Check out its key features:

Best Features

Jasper offers a dedicated chatbot to answer specific questions, help with delegated content tasks, and conduct research. It comes with 50+ AI-generated writing templates, making it a walk in the park to create first draft production for various uses like blogs, ads, social media posts, and product descriptions.

Jasper is also designed to determine its user’s brand voice so your content creation can maintain an established style and branding. That takes care of the common problem of “sounding off.” 


There are three Jasper.ai plans to choose from:

  • Creator: $39/month (yearly billing)
  • Teams: $99/month (yearly billing) 
  • Business: Custom Quote

Jasper.ai Pros and Cons

  • Offers users a much better AI writing output than most alternatives, especially with human-sounding text
  • Dedicated AI chatbot
  • Over 39 features and 50 writing templates to create any type of content
  • Comes with a Content Improver to enhance already-written pieces
  • Charges a higher price than most alternatives.
  • Can occasionally give false factual errors in its output due to its AI-based framework.

#4 Grammarly

Sometimes, all it can take to ruin excellent copy is something as small as a typo—but with Grammarly, you’ve got that covered.

It’s hard to get a better copyediting tool than Grammarly. It’s held such a longstanding reputation that, by now, it’s on virtually every must-have marketing tool list, and now it comes with its own AI writing service—Grammarly Go.

On the off-chance you’re unfamiliar with what Grammarly does, it double-checks any written text for spelling, grammar, or syntax errors in real time. Call it a professional copy polisher, if you will.

You can also customize settings like tone, style, intent/purpose, and level of clarity to your liking on Grammarly. 

Best Features

Grammarly’s foremost feature is its grammar and spell checker, ensuring there are no typos or grammatical errors. This feature is available on all three plans. There’s also the plagiarism checker, an essential tool for any writer to ensure there are no duplicate texts from another source in your content. It is, however, only available on the paid plans. 

Finally, Grammarly provides AI-powered written suggestions, helping to complete text with suitable options or learn common mistakes and get rid of them.


Grammarly offers three distinct plans:

  • Free
  • Premium: $12 per month
  • Business: $15 per month

Grammarly Pros and Cons

  • Grammarly ensures all texts are free from error, clear, and easy to read
  • Grammarly Go can rephrase, rewrite, and restructure entire blocks of text with your preferences
  • Free trial and Freemium version available
  • Available on desktop, mobile, and as a Chrome extension
  • While available on multiple platforms, the mobile version doesn’t offer as many functions as its other alternatives.
  • Freemium version comes with minimal features.

#5 Manychat

So far, we’ve looked at AI marketing tools suitable for blog post creation, email marketing, collaboration, and video content production. But what happens when you need a tool to hold interactive customer conversations? 

Cue in Manychat, with its distinct interactive chatbot. It talks with your customers and can be set up on various platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, text messages, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Best Features

Manychat’s most prominent feature is its interactive chatbot, which delivers exceedingly well on that front. As mentioned, the chatbot can provide responses on multiple channels, from SMS to social media. Furthermore, it’s straightforward to use, and you can customize its interface to your specific needs.


Three plans are available for the Manychat service: Free, Pro, and Premium. The Pro plan costs $15 per month.

The premium plan offers a custom-built solution, charged at a unique price for your needs.

Manychat Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use and a perfect fit for sales and marketing efforts
  • Freemium version
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Does not require any coding knowledge
  • Freemium version does not support SMS messaging
  • Users report occasional glitches with Facebook Messenger integration
  • Paid plan offers analytics; however, reviews say that the analytics do not present helpful data

#6 Tidio+

Still on chatbots, next up on our list is Tidio. This tool is a complete chatbot platform that offers users all the trademark functionalities of a workflow-based chatbot combined with the endless possibilities of artificial intelligence.

Tidio is a great fit for marketers with conversion rate optimization as a focus, enabling them to customize their chatbots to help with a variety of tasks such as:

  • Churn rate reduction
  • Interacting with customers
  • Building loyalty with customers and more

Best Features

Tidio’s chatbots are designed to hold extensive conversations with customers in support and sales capacities. It’s no surprise that it also comes with a ticketing feature to help your support team resolve customer issues when they arise.

Its list of best features isn’t complete if we don’t discuss the multi-channel communication option, enabling you to manage responses on both Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM directly from the platform itself.  


Tidio has four standard plans.

  • Free
  • Starter: $29 each month
  • Communicator: $25 per month
  • Chatbots: $29 per month.

There is also the Bundled solution of both Chatbots and Communicator plans, which costs $29 + $25 (per seat) each month to access.

The Tidio+ plan is a customizable package starting from $394/month that offers any of the Tidio services of your choice.

Tidio+ Pros and Cons

  • Great fit for e-commerce and CRO marketers
  • Offers WooCommerce and Shopify integration
  • Paid plans offer unlimited chatbot interactions
  • Freemium plan available
  • Supports social media messaging
  • Offers limited analytics
  • Paid plans offering AI bots can be costly.

#7 GrowthBar

If you’re looking for a tool to handle content research and SEO content writing processes, then GrowthBar is right up your alley. It doesn’t stop there.

This tool is also great for optimizing content to meet the best practices in SEO and rise to the top of those search engine result pages (SERPs)—no small feat, as you can imagine. GrowthBar also utilizes competitor analysis to gain insights from competitors for better-produced content pieces.

Best Features

Growthbar provides a keyword research tool that helps users learn more about monthly searches, search difficulty, and related search terms. It also has a rank tracker to determine your position on the SERPs for specific keywords.

Additionally, GrowthBar’s content outline creator uses competitor analysis to generate headings from the highest-ranking articles for target keywords and has a dedicated AI writer for creating SEO-optimized tags and meta descriptions.


You can get GrowthBar’s services under three different plans;

  • Standard, at $48/Month
  • Pro, $99/Month
  • Agency at $199/Month.

GrowthBar Pros and Cons

  • Helps speed up content ideation and creation
  • Intuitive interface
  • Affordable prices, especially in comparison to other alternatives
  • Limited customization
  • Offers fewer features than other alternatives

#8 Smartly.io

As the name implies, Smartly.io offers you a SMARTer way to work with ads. Smartly.io uses AI to help teams get the best out of their ad marketing efforts, planning, testing, and launching audience-optimized ads for the best results.

A major advantage of this marketing software is that you can integrate it with social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and even Pinterest. This brings all of your ad business under one single, unified dashboard.

Best Features

Smartly.io’s modular ad testing feature is one of its biggest strengths, especially since it enables you to test across different channels to see which ads perform best.

It also offers automated planning and a more accessible collaboration feature for reviewing and approving projects/ tasks.


Smartly.io does not have a tiered pricing structure. Instead, you can request a demo and get a custom quote catering to your needs.

Smartly.io Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use and navigate around
  • Offers ad automation and ad rotation, along with other features like budget pools
  • Users can create a shared dashboard to house all major processes seamlessly.
  • No Free Trial or Freemium Version
  • Users report an unnecessarily long launch time. 

#9 Surfer SEO

Our list has featured tools that cater to content writing and on-page optimization platforms separately. Surfer SEO combines both aspects and executes its duties excellently.

Surfer SEO helps marketers plan, write, and optimize any content form to improve the focus website’s organic visibility in the search engine result pages. 

From discovering relevant keywords to planning a suitable content strategy and generating SEO-optimized briefs and outlines, this tool’s ultimate goal is to increase organic traffic generated. And deliver it does.

Best Features

Surfer SEO’s keyword research tool crawls relevant search terms and suggests related keywords that help enrich written content and optimize for SEO. It also comes with a content editor and can perform SEO audits to generate suggestions on optimizing web pages and blog posts.


Surfer SEO offers four distinct plans for users to choose from:

  • Essential: $89 (for individuals and small teams)
  • Advanced: $179 (for experts and mid-sized teams)
  • Max: $299 (for agencies and bigger teams)
  • Enterprise: a custom quote for custom services specific to your needs

Surfer SEO Pros and Cons

  • Offers users a fully customizable content editor that can meet every use case and need
  • Seamlessly integrates with many commonly used apps/software, such as Google Docs and WordPress.
  • Amiable and super responsive support team 
  • Offers topic clustering so that users can create and target a handful of related search terms all in one post
  • The Domain Planner tool, while excellent, can only show the top 100 pages on a website, leaving underperforming pages unnoticed.
  • The SERP Analyzer tool has a redundant user interface and is often flooded with data points that are irrelevant to users

#10 MarketMuse

MarketMuse uses the power of AI to provide a tool to simplify content marketing and keyword planning. With machine learning, this tool analyzes content, suggests topics your web pages should cover to rank for, and develops briefs and outlines to create SEO-optimized content.

Best Features

This tool comes with a SERP rank tracker, competitor analysis to determine ways to beat the competition, and data visualization features to properly highlight the points you need insights for to create better content.



Standard: $149/month (expert individuals)

Team: $399/month (agencies)

Premium: custom quote for unique packages suited to specific needs (large companies)

MarketMuse Pros and Cons

  • Reduces time spent on researching and optimizing content
  • Uses Competitive analysis to help your content rank better 
  • Content audits are seamless
  • Can be pretty expensive; the free trial is minimal
  • Users report long loading times

What factors should you consider before investing in an AI marketing tool?

Before sinking your teeth into just any AI marketing tool, there are several boxes you need to tick. Doing this ensures you make the best-informed decision and pick the right tool for your business needs.

Does it meet your business’s objectives and goals? 

Before you make your choice, it’s important that you clearly define and outline your business objectives and goals. 

This way, you can determine what you want to accomplish with the tool—from improving customer engagement to reducing customer churn or increasing conversions.

How much does it cost?

As much as these AI marketing tools may provide endless possibilities, you must ensure you’re not breaking the bank by paying for access. Also, ask yourself if what you’re paying is way above budget or too much for the value you may be getting.

How easy is it to use? 

While it’s understandable that it may take some time to get used to a tool, how easy is it to understand? You certainly want to avoid situations where your teams have difficulty using the tool. Also, look for intuitive UIs; they make it easier for teams to adopt and use the tools.

Does it integrate with your existing workflows? 

While marketing tools with AI may be the thing of the future, traditional marketing workflows are still very much around. So, consider how well the artificial intelligence tools seamlessly work with the ‘older’ processes. After all, the goal is not necessarily to replace entirely but to improve.

Get improved efficiency and productivity with Team-GPT

Marketing operations can get repetitive and, over time, complex. It can be a lot to handle, from creating personalized and targeted experiences for audiences and analyzing customer data/behavior, to creating content and optimizing personalized campaigns.

Combining AI and marketing tools can streamline all these processes, enabling your teams to focus on more strategic activities. But how do you get these activities under one umbrella, considering how limited popular AI like AutoGPT and ChatGPT are?

It’s all possible with Team-GPT!

With Team-GPT, teams can overcome the limitations of traditional brainstorming sessions, enabling them to generate fresh ideas, tackle complex challenges, and streamline their workflows. 

As a virtual teammate and AI-powered office, Team-GPT gives valuable insights, creates high-quality content, and automates repetitive tasks, improving efficiency and productivity. Ready to experience the incredible benefits of Team-GPT? Transform the way your team collaborates and boost productivity! Try out Team-GPT today and see the future of teamwork firsthand.

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