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Best 25 ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing in 2024

In this article we will go over best ChatGPT prompts for marketing to make you a better marketer,
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Did you know that about 77% of marketers already use AI to some degree in their tasks? That number will grow in future years as more marketing teams look to integrate AI into their routine processes.

And that’s understandable. With powerful language models like ChatGPT, tasks like crafting strategy and creating unique content or campaigns become easier. But as helpful as they can be, the quality of their results depends on how good the prompts are. 

To help you get the best out of ChatGPT, we’ve researched 25 of the best ChatGPT prompts for marketing. Let’s dive in!

What are the Best ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing?

screenshot of chatgpt marketing prompt

Our list contains AI prompts for the following marketing categories:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Email Marketing
  3. SEO
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Video Marketing Scripts

Disclaimer: We are going to be using Team-GPT to run all the prompts in this article. Team-GPT allows you to collaborate on ChatGPT and make marketing more efficient for your whole team.

ChatGPT for Content Marketing

Let’s look at the best ChatGPT marketing prompts for creating and sharing your videos, articles, podcasts, and other media.

Writing meta descriptions:

screenshot of writing meta description prompt in chatgpt

Prompt: “Write a 160-character meta description for the blog post below.”

A meta description is essential because it’s one of the first things your audience will see on the results page. So, how do you tell them your article has all the right stuff they’re looking for? That’s right—through the meta description.

Think of it like the trailer of a movie.

It can be challenging to summarize what your blog post is all about in under 160 characters on your own, but this prompt makes it easier. An excellent meta description is the perfect way to let Google or other search engines better understand your content. This could ultimately determine how well you rank.

Adding Humor to Blog Posts:

Prompt: “Include some humor in the blog post below.”

adding humor to the blog posts prompt in chatgpt

At this point, so many blogs on the internet are catering to various topics and niches simultaneously. Out of the 1.9 billion websites on the web, 600 million are blogs. That’s steep competition.

However, you can stand out from the crowd with humor in your blog posts. It could make your blog more relatable to audiences, make your content more entertaining, and, most importantly, help you connect with readers. They are more likely to remember a blog that made them smile or chuckle.  

Figuring out how or when to use humor is where the problem lies. But with this prompt, ChatGPT can find the right joke or witty comment and just the right spot to slot it in.

Rewriting sentences in active voice:

Prompt: “Rewrite the sentence below in an active voice.”

rewriting sentences prompt in chatgpt

Take a look at two versions of a popular sentence:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog (Active)


The lazy dog is jumped over by the quick brown fox (Passive)

The second one just doesn’t read well, right? It looks unnecessarily chunky. That’s just one of the things writing in active voice does for your content: readability. Other advantages include the following:

  • Active voice ensures your content is more engaging and persuasive.
  • Writing in an active voice maintains an engaging momentum for your readers. They are less likely to get turned off and will stay on to the end. It also helps you build a better connection with your audience. 
  • Active language packs a punch with its delivery. You get to sound more confident, credible, and even authoritative. Whatever message you’re sending out there will definitely stick.

Keeping things ‘active’ can take some time. Plus, manual edits may just leave your text reading unnaturally. Using this prompt saves you all that in an instant.

Adding statistics to a blog post:

Prompt: “I need statistics from credible reports for a blog post. List {number} websites that publish [industry] reports.”

finding statistics for blog prompt for chatgpt

How do you add credibility to a blog? There are several techniques, but a guaranteed and yet inexpensive step is adding statistics to back up your content. Especially if you’re trying to convince readers—stats turn what could just be your opinion into something that’s a statement of fact.  

Getting relevant data from reliable sources is another matter. It could take some time, or you may have trouble finding the correct reports. But this prompt can provide you with references you can trust in no time.

Writing blog posts with SEO:

Prompt: “I want to write a 1,000-word blog post. Use the outline below to create this post. Your output should follow SEO best practices, and your tone should be casual and fun.”

blog post writing prompt

Are you having trouble coming up with your next blog post? We totally get it; it can be challenging to maintain the creative juices ALL the time.

But you need to meet deadlines, and you can’t just wish for good content. This prompt can do that. Not only do you have your next post roaring to go, but it can also get ChatGPT to follow the best SEO practices so you can be sure to create a masterpiece that will rank.  

ChatGPT for Email Marketing

These are some of the best ChatGPT prompts for marketing through email channels.

Writing email subject lines:

email subject line prompt with chatgpt

Prompt: “Create marketing copy to make my email marketing campaigns more engaging. The product to promote is called X (e.g., company, service, or organization). Suggest suitable subject lines for a sequence of Y emails.”

Subject lines are the foundation of email campaigns. Do them right, and you urge more subscribers to open your emails, read your message, and take the necessary action. Do them wrong and, well, your open rates plummet, and it’ll be a waste of time.

Like the Pied Piper, using this prompt will generate engaging subject lines that can pull in your email list and get you a foot in the door.

Creating newsletters:

Producing an engaging newsletter is a walk in the park with a tool like Team-GPT (think of a more advanced form of ChatGPT that lets you collaborate with your co-workers). For the best results, provide an outline in your prompt. Here’s an example: 

Prompt: “Create an outline for a weekly newsletter. This is for X (target audience). Be sure to include X [number of] parts in the outline: a main point, an intro, and a conclusion. Also include a call to action.”

creating newsletter prompts in chatgpt

And there you go. You could ask Team-GPT to write the newsletter’s content for you, whether it’s the intro, the main point, the conclusion, the CTA, or the entire newsletter. Use this prompt: 

“Using the outline provided, write a newsletter on [topic idea].”

Note that the copy generated shouldn’t be the final output. You should add elements of your own copy to this and ensure it is factual and well-edited. Considering you’re collaborating with teammates on Team-GPT, you can ask for their input or a second set of eyes for the newsletter.

As for use cases, you can use this prompt can for email newsletters announcing an upcoming event, a new product launch, or letting your audience know you have some offers coming up.

You could also ask the AI to proofread. The following prompt will work well:

“Proofread the following copy: [paste the text].”

For cold outreaches:

cold outreach script prompt in chatgpt

Prompt: “Create a cold outbound email to a potential customer for our product X (e.g., organization, company, service, or product).”

Looking to draw in new business? Cold emails are cost-effective for expanding your reach, generating more leads, and increasing your sales. But, as with everything else in marketing, you need to be careful with a campaign like that, especially since you don’t have a pre-existing relationship with these recipients. 

This prompt will help you create a cold email to introduce you to your prospective customers in the best way possible. You can also fine-tune this prompt to create a follow-up email.

Reducing unsubscribers:

Prompt: “Create a list of the most common reasons customers unsubscribe from email lists.”

prompt to reduce newsletter churn in chatgpt

Dealing with churn is an unfortunate process with email campaigns. It’s pretty rare for a marketing team to not experience readers who just wake up and decide they no longer want to read emails from you.

But all hope is not lost. By identifying the most common reasons for unsubscribing, you can pinpoint where your campaign went wrong, fix it, and get the lost sheep back to the flock.

Creating email marketing funnels:

Prompt: “Create an email marketing funnel for [name and specifics of product/ service].”

prompt about creating email marketing funnel

Email funnels are a series of email campaigns strategically designed to nurture leads and existing customers toward conversions. This prompt helps you tailor your email messages to each stage of the customer journey and meet them where their mind is, resonating perfectly. 

Try this more detailed version from Team-GPT’s prompt library: 

You are a world-class email marketer. I have a {{What is your product/service? (e.g., SaaS product, marketing agency, e-commerce shop, construction company)}}. We are selling {{ What do you sell? (e.g., products, services, property)}} which is in the price range of {{What is the price range of your product?}}. I want to create an email funnel for {{What is the goal of this email funnel? (e.g., sign-up, checkout, follow-up, cart abandonment, nurture, etc.)}} Make me a plan for an email funnel I should send to my clients. My ideal customers are {{Who is your ideal customer profile?}}. Whenever you suggest text for the emails, make them sound {{Tone of voice: witty, smart, casual, funny, playful, other}}. Make the emails {{Do you prefer the emails: short, medium, or long? }}.

ChatGPT for SEO

There’s much to cover regarding search engine optimization; sometimes, you don’t know where to start. But with these ChatGPT prompts, you can make the process much easier.

Conducting SEO audits:

Prompt: “Conduct an On-page SEO audit for this webpage [URL].”

seo audit prompt

Conducting an on-page SEO audit of your web pages helps you identify and fix any elements affecting your rank, how much traffic you pull in, and, most importantly, your conversion rate. Overall, SEO audits are essential for the long-term success of your site’s performance.

Some of these elements include duplicate content, poor user experience, broken links, and slow loading speeds. 

Creating distribution plans:

Prompt: “Create a content distribution plan for [URL].”

content distribution command in chatgpt

Sure, you’ve created a masterpiece. It’ll surely do the numbers. But all that won’t matter if you don’t get it out there correctly. That’s what a content distribution plan does for you.

With this prompt, you and your team can use Team-GPT to disseminate your content, whether sharing a new ebook or promoting your latest blog post. Publishing great content only takes you so far; a content distribution plan ensures the world sees it.

Creating blog outlines:

Prompt: “Create a detailed blog outline on the topic [insert topic title] with H2, H3, subheading, and bullet points.”

creating blog outline command for ai

A blog outline helps you organize your article’s main points and determine the best way to break info into readable sections with appropriate headings. In other words, it gives your blog post structure.

The benefits are that readers don’t get a long, drawn-out piece of content but information in digestible bits. It’s also great for SEO, organizing your ideas around your target keywords, and eliminating fluff from your writing.

Generating a keyword list:

Prompt: “Generate a list of X [number] keyword ideas on the topic [insert topic] for [target audience].”

keyword research command for chatgpt

How do you know what your audience is searching for? What should you write about to get their attention and get them as your customers? 


And you can get them through keyword research.

Using this prompt to generate a keyword list, you can get an idea of what search terms your audience uses for your product and optimize your content to meet those searches and boost your visibility. The eventual result is more organic traffic.

Generating long tail keywords list with search intent

Prompt: “Provide X [number] long tail keywords related to [topic]. Match each keyword with any of the four types of search intent.”

generating long tail keywords prompt for chatgpt

Understanding user search intent gets you closer to the mind of your target audience. But as people are complex, you need some help navigating whether they’re searching for information or primed to make a purchase. 

With this prompt, you can tailor your content around keywords that target those specific intents and push you one step closer to generating new business—or keeping your old ones.

ChatGPT For Social Media Marketing:

Use these ChatGPT marketing prompts to promote your products/services and seamlessly connect with target audiences on social media.

Planning a social media campaign: 

social media content calendar prompt for chatgpt

Prompt: “Craft a [number of months] social media campaign calendar for our [name of product] with the goal of Y and mention the relevant channels to focus on.”

Planning your social media campaign might seem necessary for every marketer, but why is it so important? From data alone, setting a plan with goals as a manager makes you 376% more likely to report success.

Also, you get to stand out from the crowd and establish an environment that lets you build an audience, turn them into leads, and guide them through your funnel, up to them making a purchase and then becoming loyal to your product.

This all sounds overwhelming to think up on your own. Luckily, this prompt helps you streamline that process in a few clicks.

Prompts for Instagram marketing.

Prompt: Write up an Instagram caption for a photo of our new X (e.g., service, product, or company).

instagram marketing prompts chatgpt

You’ve got the appropriate media. You’ve got the channel. But getting the right words for your caption can be a long, tiring walk, even for just one post. Now, imagine doing that for a month’s worth.

The good news is you can use Team-GPT and this prompt to create compelling Instagram captions.

A great Instagram caption can improve your engagement numbers, leading the Instagram algorithm to rank your content high in user feeds. They’re also great for providing context for your images and passing important information to your followers.

Prompts for LinkedIn marketing.

“Create a promotional LinkedIn post for the following (e.g., service, product or company), [insert specific details].”

linkedin marketing command for chatgpt

Looking to promote your business or its products on LinkedIn? With this prompt, you can write up a promotional LinkedIn post and include specifics about what it should look like.

LinkedIn is the hub for thought leadership content. So, if you’re looking to establish yourself as an experienced and credible source of information in your field, another prompt you should look at is this: 

“Write a LinkedIn post about X (insert any topic of your choice).”

Prompts for Ad Strategy

Create an AIDA model for [insert product or service].

AIDA framework prompt with chatgpt

Attention/Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. These four elements pull your audience in, get them interested in your products/services, make them desirable, and get the audience to take action (usually, make a purchase). 

But with audiences having a strange relationship with ads, you need to think of non-annoying, creative ways to push your product and services out there. With this prompt, all the details of who your potential customers are and how you reach them are within your reach.

Writing social media posts:

Prompt: “Write a social media post.”

This Team-GPT prompt can do wonders for your social media post creation, helping you come up with a great piece of content in no time. Here’s a more detailed version from the Team-GPT prompt library:

Create an attention-grabbing {{ Social media (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) }} social media post about: {{ Main idea you want to communicate }}. Make sure to make it {{Tone of voice: serious, friendly, witty, funny}}. The post should speak to {{ Target audience (e.g., Gen Z, doctors, SaaS clients) }}. Make sure the content is engaging and concise. Use relevant hashtags to increase visibility.”

ChatGPT For Video Marketing

These effective ChatGPT prompts for video marketing will help your team create engaging video content, like customer testimonials or demos, to promote your brand and its products.

Creating video introductions:

Prompt: “Create an attention-grabbing video introduction that will leave a lasting impression on viewers.”

video hook creator prompt for ai

With attention spans getting shorter by the minute and so much content out there, you need something that will latch on to your viewers’ eyes and keep them interested for as long as you want.

And it’s all about that first impression with your intro. This Chat-GPT prompt will get you an attention-grabbing opening that viewers will find hard to resist. Moreover, it’ll stay in their minds long after they’re done watching the video, creating a connection for them to keep coming back.

Generating creative video ideas:

Prompt: “Generate a list of creative video ideas for our upcoming product launch.”

Got a new product launch coming up? Not sure how you will get the word out to potential customers? Try this ChatGPT prompt and generate some unique video content ideas to shine the spotlight on your new products, detailing how they meet your target customers’ needs.

Creating podcast scripts:

“Create an engaging script for a podcast episode discussing [topic of your choice].”

podcast script creation prompt

Podcasts are all the rage right now. But with that general appeal, many people limit it to just getting a mic and speaking into it. You need the proper structure and makeup to host a podcast that’ll keep listeners hooked—or you’ll become another one of the “no substance” pods. 

With this prompt, you can use Team-GPT to generate an engaging podcast script to make your show successful and shoot it to the top of the charts.

Generating YouTube video titles

Prompt: “Generate a list of catchy YouTube video titles for [topic of your choice].”

Writing titles for your YouTube videos can be a tricky job. You need the right mixture of strong keywords, emotion, and relatable language to get viewers clicking on your video content, and that’s easier said than done.

The good thing is that with this prompt, you no longer have to struggle with your YouTube video titles. You can create titles that use words your target audience will relate to, stay within the optimal character limit, and contain the appropriate search keywords.

Creating product demo video scripts:

Prompt: “Write a video script demonstrating the step-by-step process of using our product, highlighting its ease of use and efficiency.”

product demo creation script

What better way to show potential customers that your product does what you say it does than with a video demonstrating it? The problem with this is finding an accompanying script that is in-depth and engaging so your viewers can have something to follow the visuals.

It sounds like a lot of work to get that done, so your best bet is to use this prompt to get the best results.

Collaborate with your team to get the best out of ChatGPT prompts.

ChatGPT is a powerful natural language processing tool that generates human-like text and carries out a range of tasks in various fields, such as marketing. And it’s all with the power of prompts.

From creating an actionable marketing strategy to designing unique content for social media, emails, or videos, it is that personal assistant that makes your marketing tasks a breeze.

But it also comes with limitations. One such issue is that you can’t interact with other users, limiting the AI’s output to only one person’s input. This means:

  1. The chances for collaboration and teamwork—limits key elements of any winning marketing team. 
  2. ChatGPT cannot integrate multiple ideas and perspectives into the responses it gives you, reducing the quality of its output, especially for collaborative projects.

Thankfully, there are solutions to these limitations. With Team-GPT, a powerful tool designed to increase the potential of ChatGPT and its prompts, you can join forces with teammates to improve the quality of your marketing efforts.

Team-GPT is the best place to learn how to use ChatGPT properly: it’s software designed to help you and your team adopt AI. Team-GPT offers various learning materials at every step. Choose from 100+ curated prompts and 50+ tips and tricks for mastering ChatGPT. 

Don’t stop there. Build your prompt library and have all your favorite prompts just a click away. 

Team-GPT lets your team bounce ideas off each other, leaving less room for errors, and streamline tasks (like campaign planning, content creation, A/B testing for marketing materials, and market research), all within an AI-powered environment.

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Ready to collaborate with your team and get the best out of ChatGPT prompts? Sign up for Team-GPT today! Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your marketing efforts and drive better results.

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