AI Tools for Designers: The Role of AI in Web Development [2024]

Web design is continually evolving with AI increasingly playing an integral role. Here are the best AI tools for web designers.
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5 min read
Iliya Valchanov talking about the best AI tools for web designers
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Collaborate in ChatGPT

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Table of Contents

The dynamic landscape of web design and development is continually evolving with AI increasingly playing an integral role. Among the others, web designers now also incorporate AI tools into their workflows, transforming their roles and expanding their skillsets.

From Web Designer to Web Developer

My wife, a visual communicator and designer, managed to transition from solely designing to developing websites thanks to AI. By communicating her intentions with ChatGPT, she could get the appropriate code in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript; this highlights the emerging role of web development AI.

Thus, professionals who understand the advantage of AI tools for designers can further develop their capabilities, even to include elements of front-end development in their skillsets.

The integration of AI for designers into the workflow assists in automating mundane tasks, improving accuracy and boosting productivity.

The Best AI Tools for Web Designers


Team-GPT - A collaborative AI software

Team-GPT is an AI-powered software that supports web designers’ collaborative efforts. With a suite of AI models such as GPT-4, Claude, Gemini, and LLaMa, designers can use the AI for coding, researching, planning and idea generation. The integration of Vision broadens horizons with AI-enabled interpretation of visual content, while Dall-E 3 allows teams to convert text-based thoughts into visuals. The platform helps teams share knowledge and systemize team projects, all within a clean and organized workspace with structured folders and subfolders. Team-GPT Pro subscription starts at $20/10 users/month, while Max subscription starts at $40/10 users/month.

Cons: While Dall-E 3 aids in generating visual content, it may not always align with the designer’s unique creative vision, necessitating manual adjustments.

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Team-GPT is the tool for web designers seeking a cohesive and organized workspace to collaborate with their team, organize knowledge, master AI and unite their workflows.

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Galileo AI

Screenshot from Galileo AI - AI tool for designers

Galileo AI is a UI generation platform for easy and fast design ideation. The platform supports both Text to UI and Image to UI, functioning like ChatGPT dedicated to designers, and is helpful in creating mock-ups to save time. The tool is priced at $19/month for the Standard plan and $39/month for the Pro plan.

Cons: Galileo AI is currently in beta mode, and may produce potential errors, bugs, or designs that don’t fully meet user expectations. Since the app generates designs based on existing ones, it may not offer novel or unique outputs, risking similarity with others.


Framer - AI Tool for Designers

Framer offers an AI-based tool capable of generating draft websites from descriptive prompts, providing an entertaining and effective approach to quick site creation. Its application extends beyond an AI tool, facilitating the building of a functional site with its comprehensive site builder. Paid plans start from $5/month/site for the Mini plan to $30/month/site for the Pro plan.

Cons: The site builder, though comprehensive, is more technical compared to other alternatives. The free version includes Framer branding, which might not be ideal for professional projects.


Wix AI - AI Tool for Web Designers

Wix’s AI website builder guides users through questions to understand their specific site needs and generate the initial design. Despite not being the most AI-intensive tool, it offers a balance between speed and extensive features, allowing users to build blogs, eCommerce sites, or portfolio pages within minutes. Wix plans start at $17/month.

Cons: Wix’s AI might not fulfil all user expectations, potentially necessitating manual adjustments. Despite its functional AI capabilities, it is not the most advanced or futuristic-feeling AI available in the market. The free plan comes with Wix branding, which may not be preferable for all users.


Uizard - AI tool for web designers

Uizard is an AI-based design tool that facilitates the creation of UI designs from text inputs, hand-drawn sketches, or screenshots. It boasts key features like Autodesigner for generating UI mockups, Screenshot conversion into customizable designs, Wireframe transformation into digital designs, Text Assistant for generating creative text, a Theme Generator, and a Focus Predictor for generating attention heatmaps. Uizard offers a Pro subscription at $12/creator/month and Business at $49/creator/month.

Cons: Uizard is quite expensive compared to other tools may have a steeper learning curve for new users to familiarize themselves with its interface and features.

Code WP

CodeWP - AI tool for web designers

CodeWP is an AI for coding, designed for individuals with a moderate level of technical experience. Through its application of GPT, it can generate WordPress-specific code, including WooCommerce, Elementor, and Metabox, based on user prompts. A built-in chatbot also aids in editing and explaining code for better customization. Pricing for CodeWP is free for 20 AI generations per month, with paid plans starting from $28/month for 10,000 generations and 28 code modes.

Cons: CodeWP’s complexity can be a barrier for those who don’t fully understand WordPress functionalities. The free plan has limited AI generation capabilities.

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