Analysis of Your First 10 Chats

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80% of learning how to use ChatGPT is to… chat with the GPT models.

If you skipped the exercises, please go back.

Everything you will see from now on assumes you’ve had these conversations.

The Secret to Successful Conversations with ChatGPT

All done? I’m sure you had some great chats. The question is: why were these conversations so successful? What made them different?

Goal-Oriented Conversations: The Key to Effectiveness

Working with ChatGPT is goal-oriented.

In all of these 10 examples, we provided a Goal: I want to write an email, I want to resolve a conflict, learn to code, have better sleep, and so on.

This is the key to talking effectively to ChatGPT. Know what you want to achieve.

The better you understand the final goal, the more meaningful the conversations.

However, saying ‘I want to write an email’ is very generic. I’ve written 1000s of emails and they were all different.

Shaping Your Requests: The Importance of Context

To have ChatGPT write a good email for you, you need to provide Context.

In all 10 (or more) chats that you just had, you have added a lot of Context to your questions.

This was achieved through the simple ‘follow-up prompt’: Ask me several clarifying questions to get more context before answering.

Whenever ChatGPT provides a bad answer, feel free to go back to this first interaction and ask the AI for several clarifying questions.

That’s how you will ensure you’ll never have a bad chat again!

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Analyzing Your Initial Chats

I have analyzed my first 10 chats and have added comments under each prompt (see ‘Example chats’).

Now it’s your turn. Please revisit your initial 10 chats and analyze them for yourself.

Consider these questions:

  1. Did ChatGPT respond well? Consider how accurately and effectively the model understood and responded to your prompts.
  2. Overall, were these chats more successful than your usual ones? Compare these interactions with your previous experience.
  3. Why were some of the chats much better? Try to identify factors that may have contributed to the success of certain conversations.
  4. Were you ambiguous when answering the clarifying questions? Reflect on whether you could have provided clearer responses.
  5. What would have happened if you had provided more detail? Consider if additional context or details could have led to more accurate or useful responses.
  6. Were the responses succinct or comprehensive? Assess the quality and quantity of the information provided in the responses.

Remember, the goal of this exercise is to improve our mutual understanding and create better chat experiences!

Insightful Examples to Better Understand ChatGPT

Finally, please note in the ‘Example chats’ folder in the Interactive course, I’ve had the same conversations as you.

Example Chats

I have also added my personal comment on each one of them, trying to explain as much as possible.

Upcoming Topics: Goals and Context

In the following lectures will focus on the 2 basic ingredients:

Forming a GOAL and providing great CONTEXT.

Thank you!

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Updated on October 25, 2023