Meet Your Instructor: Iliya Valchanov

LECTURE RESOURCES: Read this lecture in Team-GPT, it is interactive and contains notes and comments from the author.

When I meet a new person, I’m trying to understand: 

What are the top 3 things I should know about this person? 

Introduction: Getting to Know Your ChatGPT Instructor

Hi, my name is Iliya and I’ll be taking you through the ‘ChatGPT for Work’ course.

Here are the top 3 things you should know about me:

  1. I teach 1.2M+ people on Udemy on the topics of data science, machine learning, and AI
  1. I’ve competed in Mathematics for more than 10 years and have won more than 100 national and international awards
  1. I’m a serial entrepreneur. So far, I’ve founded 3 companies: 365 Data Science, 3veta, and Team-GPT. These companies continue to help millions of users worldwide.

As an entrepreneur, I turn ideas into reality. 

With ChatGPT, I’m able to dream bigger and bring more ideas to life than ever before.

From Skeptic to Advocate: My Journey with ChatGPT

But I was not always such a GPT fan.

I’ve been using GPT-3 since 2020 for many different tasks. I understand GPT models extremely well.

When ChatGPT came out… I hated it. 

Tried it. Didn’t see the value. Closed it.

Then GPT-4 was released.

Mind f*cking blown

Using GPT-4 for my work was the most mindblowing event I can remember.

My first interaction with ChatGPT saved 50 hours of work for me and my team. 

That day, I went home at 4pm, having completed more than a week’s worth of work.

Since then, ChatGPT has improved my productivity at least 10-fold.

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The course is interactive, if you take it inside the Team-GPT platform.

ChatGPT for Work: The Interactive Course contains:

• 100+ tried and tested prompts
• 100+ exercises
• 100+ extra notes and comments
• 1000s of use cases
• PDFs files for later reference

It is also completely FREE.

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The Impact of ChatGPT: My Work Life Transformed

Working 10 times faster has really changed my work life. 

In fact, having more time allowed me to build the ChatGPT for Work course.

And it was soooo much fun.

I really loved creating it and I can’t wait for you to complete it.

The best part? 

ChatGPT helped me every step of the way.

Let’s begin this journey together

Overall, I’m a very curious guy. 

I put on many different hats every day: a Mathematician, an entrepreneur, a manager. 

But one suits me best: a teacher.

Teaching, mentoring, or simply making things easy to understand.

Let me be your ChatGPT teacher and I promise you’ll learn everything you need to know about ChatGPT for Work.


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Updated on October 25, 2023