GPT-3 vs GPT-4

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Some people love ChatGPT, others hate it. There are also those who don’t care.

I’ve been trying to understand “How can people hate this amazing technology”, or even worse – “don’t care about it at all?”

Are you crazy, people?

Out of the people who have tried ChatGPT:

All the sceptics have only spoken to GPT-3.

While all the true believers are only speaking to GPT-4.

Really. I do not know a single person who has spoken meaningfully to GPT-4, who doesn’t see the value.

Metaphor for Understanding ChatGPT’s Evolution

Here’s a metaphor that can help you understand better.

GPT-3 is like the telephone. With the telephone – you can talk on the phone. And that’s it.

If GPT-3 is the telephone, GPT-4 is the iPhone: an iPod + a phone + a breakthrough Internet communications device + a cinematic camera and much more.

No one compares the iPhone to the telephone, because they are 2 completely different things.

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Are you using GPT-4?

Due to my work, people wanna talk to me about ChatGPT all the time.

At the start of each conversation, I always ask:

Are you using GPT-4?

If they say YES, I fully engage in the conversation.

If they say NO, I respectfully explain to them that the first thing they need to do is to pay for GPT-4 and start talking to it. The conversation itself rarely has a lot of depth. And no wonder – I’ve been using the newest iPhone, while the other person is still using the telephone.

Proof for the Superiority of GPT-4

Now, since this is an educational course, I have to show some proof.

I’ve prepared 3 examples that you can explore on your own.

They are barely scratching the surface of how much better GPT-4 is.

But comparing the two is missing the point anyways.

GPT-4 is 1000 times better and you should always go for it.

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Updated on October 24, 2023