Set up Team-GPT

LECTURE RESOURCES: Read this lecture in Team-GPT, it is interactive and contains notes and comments from the author.

Interactive Learning with Team-GPT

The ‘ChatGPT for Work’ course is only interactive inside Team-GPT.

Best part – it is completely FREE to create an account.

💡 This lesson is a part of the ChatGPT for Work course

The course is interactive, if you take it inside the Team-GPT platform.

ChatGPT for Work: The Interactive Course contains:

• 100+ tried and tested prompts
• 100+ exercises
• 100+ extra notes and comments
• 1000s of use cases
• PDFs files for later reference

It is also completely FREE.

Start today and become a ChatGPT expert in less than 7 days!

Usage costs for GPT-4

However, to talk to GPT-4, you will still need to pay for usage to OpenAI. OpenAI owns GPT-4 and charges for using it. But don’t worry it’s not that expensive and is totally worth it!

Getting Started with Team-GPT

How to set yourself up for the TRUE interactive experience?

  1. Visit the Team-GPT Website.
  2. Create an Account or Log in: If you already have an account, you can simply log in. If you don’t, you’ll need to register by filling in your details in the sign-up form.
  3. Begin Using Team-GPT: Once you’re logged in, you can start using Team-GPT. Invite your team members and collaborate with the help of AI!

Once inside Team-GPT, you will immediately get access to: ‘ChatGPT for Work: The Interactive Course’.

Start Your Journey Today

If you are reading this and don’t have a Team-GPT account, you are missing a lot!

This whole course content is available inside the app and is very useful for learning.

Let’s begin this journey together!

Take ChatGPT for Work: The Interactive Course for FREE.

Updated on October 24, 2023