A Super Short Overview of LLMs

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ChatGPT is an LLM. LLM stands for a large language model.

LLMs are models that have been trained on vast amounts of data: code, scientific literature, books, internet articles, and even images.

Understanding Generative Pretrained Transformers (GPT)

Right now, the best models are known as GPT, which stands for Generative Pretrained Transformers. These models are created by an organization called OpenAI. Their most famous product is ChatGPT, where people can chat with these GPT models.

There’s GPT-1, GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-3.5, some others, and the best one: GPT-4.

GPT-4 is the most advanced large language model so far. The output that it creates can be indistinguishable from a human.

Also, it can be really helpful in lots of different situations: content creation, customer service, education, translation, coding and many more. But we will dive deeper into these applications later.

Competitors of ChatGPT

Google has developed a competing product called: Bard. Bard is also very smart and is using Google’s experience in search. Bard is noticeable better than ChatGPT when it comes to browsing the Internet. Still, ChatGPT excels at many other tasks.

Claude is another ChatGPT competitor. It was developed by Anthropic and can currently process the largest number of words: about 75,000 words. This is especially useful when you want to provide whole books as context.

Another competitor is Llama, an open-source model developed by Meta. It can be downloaded by anyone in the world and used to build your custom LLMs. Many companies are using Llama to create their own private language models.

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Collaboration of Microsoft and OpenAI

Microsoft owns 49% of OpenAI and their collaboration on the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service is the most popular choice when looking for privacy.

The Future of LLMs

More and more models are coming. This means more rivals for ChatGPT. Some might be better.

But for this course, we will study GPT-4, the best model right now.

In a short period of time, LLMs will be a part of many aspects of life.

The more we understand them, the better we can handle a world full of AI.

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Updated on October 23, 2023