How to Copy Chats Between Workspaces

Follow these steps to easily copy your chats from one workspace to another in Team-GPT:

  1. Open Your Chat: The first thing you need to do is open the chat you wish to copy.
  2. Click on ‘Share’ and Enable ‘Public Access’: Once you have your chat open, look for the ‘Share’ button at the top right corner. Мake sure to allow ‘Public Access’ by clicking on the ‘Can view’ button.
  3. Copy the Public Access Link: Once you have enabled Public Access, a unique link will be generated for your chat. Simply click on this link to copy it to your clipboard.
  4. Switch to Your Other Workspace: Now it’s time to move to the workspace where you want your chat copied. Navigate your way to it as you would normally.
  5. Paste the Link and Continue the Chat: Finally, paste the copied link into the relevant field in your new workspace. You can now continue the chat in this workspace, just as if you’d started it here in the first place.

In just a few easy steps, you can seamlessly move your chats from one workspace to another in Team- GPT. Thanks for choosing Team GPT!

Updated on November 30, 2023