How to Access GPT 4 | Unlimited GPT-4 API Access

Here is how you can access GPT-4 in Team-GPT:

  1. Verify API Key: Start by checking your current API key. If it only provides access to GPT-3.5, as indicated by a greyed-out GPT-4 option, you need to upgrade.
  2. Check Payment Plan: Next, head to the billing section in your OpenAI account and click on ‘Start Payment Plan’. You can choose a plan suitable for an individual or a company, depending on your needs.
  3. Complete Payment: Follow the instructions to finalize the payment process.
  4. Return to Team GPT Dashboard: Upon successful payment, go back to your Team GPT dashboard. You’ll notice that the previously greyed-out GPT-4 option is available.

Our thanks go to OpenAI for making GPT-4 available. We’re excited about the potential it holds for users of Team GPT. Have fun exploring GPT-4!

If the method shown in the video doesn’t grant you GPT-4 access right away, try cancelling your OpenAI payment plan and then setting it up again.

Updated on December 6, 2023