Understanding Advanced Usage Reports

Managing your team’s AI adoption is now effortless with Team-GPT’s Advanced Usage Reports. Located conveniently in the right sidebar, detailed analytics await on a new, dedicated page.

Delve into these insights:

  1. Overall chat efficiency: Shows an instant look at the effectiveness of chat sessions across your workspace as a measure of your team’s conversation quality.
  2. Real-time chat efficiency tracker: When engaged in a chat, you can now keep an eye on your context limit live. If you approach the limit, indicated by the tracker turning yellow or red, it’s a sign that you may need to fork the chat.
  3. Active users: Gain insights into team participation levels by tracking the number of active users over a selected period. This report helps to identify whether your team’s adoption rates align with your expectations.
  4. Chat efficiency by user: Sorts each user’s messages into high, moderate, or low efficiency categories based on token usage. Ideally, users should aim for shorter chats as they not only decrease token usage but also enhance focus.
  5. The longest chats in your workspace: Reveals the conversation length, the AI model used, and the percentage of context window utilized. Cross-reference this with efficiency data to uncover actionable patterns.
  6. Token distribution overview: Important for understanding the balance between input tokens (what you send to the AI) and output tokens (what the AI sends back).
  7. Token usage by user: Illustrates each member’s token consumption and their tokens per message  ratio. Identify the top performers in efficiency and learn from their techniques.
  8. User engagement: Offers a broader perspective on user activity, tracking the total number of chats initiated and messages sent by all team members.

Now, you can:

  1. Maximize chat efficiency.
  2. Educate your team on effective chat techniques.
  3. Identify areas requiring additional training or adjustment.

Understand your team’s patterns and ensure maximum efficiency and productivity inside Team-GPT.

Updated on February 5, 2024