How to Set Custom Instructions for Each Chat

Follow these steps to set custom instructions for each chat within Team-GPT:

  1. Navigate to Chat Settings: Find ‘Chat Settings’ in the menu at the upper right corner of your chat and click on it.
  2. Find Custom Instructions: Within ‘Chat Settings’, you will find an option for ‘Custom Instructions’. By setting these instructions, the AI model will adapt its responses accordingly within the chat.
  3. Set a Custom Instruction: Let’s make the AI respond in French. Simply add ‘Respond in French’ as a custom instruction.
  4. See it in Action: Now, every question you ask will receive a response from the AI in French, following the custom instructions you have set. This illustrates the AI’s responsiveness to customized instructions.
  5. Remove Instruction: Removing the custom instruction is straightforward. Just remove it from the ‘Chat Settings’. Now, when you ask a question, the AI will no longer respond in French.

In just a few simple steps, you can personalize your Team-GPT chat experience. We appreciate your choice of Team-GPT!

Updated on December 6, 2023