How to Fork a Conversation and its Benefits 

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Ilia, and I’m the co-founder and CEO of Team GPT. In this video, I will show you how to fork a conversation and the benefits of doing so.

Now, I have opened a chat that I had with the AI. In this chat, I’m asking you to assume the role of an experienced and insightful marketing specialist. I have given prompt instructions and had a fairly long chat. The chat has defined the buyer persona, demographics, and suggested a digital strategy with various options.

With the forking option, a colleague of mine who hasn’t been part of this chat can click ‘Fork Conversation’ from this message. They can then choose to fork it as a personal or shared chat. Let’s say it’s a shared chat.

What this does is it creates a perfect copy of the original chat, and they can continue it on their own. This is useful for several reasons. First, a different colleague can continue the chat without messing up my original chat. This is important.

So, the original chat is on the left, and the forked chat is on the right. I can call it ‘forked’ for example. This is the first thing we can do.

The second thing is that while I have followed the chat, I can have two chats at the same time that diverge in different directions. For instance, in the forked chat, I can ask, ‘Please tell me more about content marketing.’ The AI will provide a reply.

Meanwhile, I can go back to the original chat and continue from a different point, such as ‘social media marketing.’ Or, I can even fork it again and ask about the ‘social media marketing option.’ This way, I can have multiple conversations focusing on different aspects.

This is powerful because once you start in one direction, the AI is already in the mindset of that topic. If I suddenly ask about partnerships and collaborations, it will likely think within the context of social media. So, forking helps maintain focus.

I can name this forked conversation ‘social media strategy,’ and the other one ‘content marketing strategy.’ That way, they started in the same way and through forking, I split them into different conversations.

Lastly, I want to show you one more thing. Let’s say I have gone through the path of social media strategy and talked about Instagram, but now I want to go back to content marketing or something else. I can go up and find a message where we defined the different paths and fork from there.

So, I can fork from any point in the conversation, not just the last message. I can even fork from the buyer persona stage. This allows me to explore different paths and have different conversations.

The main benefits of forking are that you can explore different parts of a conversation, you can fork from an earlier point in time once you have diverged, and different colleagues can copy and work on the same conversation without messing it up.

This last case is essential when educating colleagues on how to work with the AI. You can tell them to fork your conversation and explore it on their own without disrupting the original chat.

Thank you for watching!

Updated on October 17, 2023