How to Save on AI Expenses

Optimizing costs while utilizing the power of AI through OpenAI’s API is a notable benefit of Team-GPT. Let’s explore how Team-GPT can substantially reduce your team’s expenses:

Cost Comparison: If you’re using GPT Plus directly, it costs $20 per month per user. In a team of 10, that’s a bill of $200 per month, and it only increases with more users. However, with Team-GPT’s structure, your whole team can benefit from a single OpenAI API key.

Real Savings: To illustrate this, in July, our team of 21 people used Team-GPT almost every day. Compared to the $420 that could have been incurred by using GPT Plus directly, the monthly total cost was only $95. These savings were also evident in earlier months, with June and May’s costs coming in at $110 and $43, respectively.

Additional Benefits: On top of the cost savings, Team-GPT offers additional features to streamline collaboration, including folders, subfolders, favourite chats, custom prompts, and personas.

Updated on December 6, 2023